Latest Past Events

Write into the Flow of the New Year Workshop


Together in this workshop, we'll utilize writing and powerful energy tools to write into the flow of the new year! From the comfort of your own home (thank you zoom!) we’ll gather as an intimate group. Together we’ll bring your intentions to light and uncover and clear all the “yeah-buts” blocking your path forward. We’ll […]


5 Day Holiday Writing Challenge


Imagine this year, rather than feeling overwhelmed, exhausted and trying to cram in one more errand into your already busy days, you move through the holiday season in a more deliberate way. This 5 Day Holiday Writing Challenge is designed to do just that!  Imagine yourself in the simplicity of quiet moments, treating yourself to […]

Hand to Hold 2022 NICU Conference

It is such an honor to be a part of this special event offered by Hand to Hold. If you are a NICU parent please don't miss this free Hand to Hold 2022 NICU Conference.   Find more info here - Hand to Hold  An article for Preemie Parents - 10 Lessons on Having a […]