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Are you tired of living a busy, stressful life that leaves you and your family drained, disconnected, and wondering if you’ll ever slow down and take a breath?

Does it feel like you’re under more pressure than ever these days? Like you never have enough time… always rushing… and feeling overwhelmed?

Does every day feel just like the last — like you’re running on a hamster wheel? 

Do you ever wonderWhere’s the joy? What’s the point? Are you ready to make a shift and change your family’s life forever?

We’re living in a time full of uncertainty and there’s so much to worry about.

You just want to protect your kids and set them up for success and happiness.

Yet, like every other Mom, you worry you’re not doing enough – or maybe you’re actually doing too much.

Ugh!  How are you supposed to know what to do?

That’s where Mentoring comes in!

Picture this…

  • Your family gathered around the dinner table, laughing and sharing the news of the day…
  • Everyone is smiling and feeling happy, calm, and connected…
  • You feel united as a family and everyone is loving, present and available to each other…
  • Everyone in the family feels seen, heard, and appreciated…
  • You’re energized and giving without feeling under-appreciated…
  • Your relationship with your spouse/partner has never felt stronger with a road map to follow.

Working together, I will lead you through a transformative mentoring process and guide you and your family to the health, happiness and well-being you’ve always dreamed of. 

You’ll acquire the tools needed to raise caring, confident, happy kids who are on the path to success — freeing you to be your best self!

If you’re a Mom who is ready to feel your best, look your best, and know you’re doing the best for yourself and your family by filling your home with harmony, joy, and wondrous balance, then I am here to help.

In our 1:1 Mentoring sessions, you’ll learn the tools, skills, and techniques needed to take exceptional care of yourself and your family and transform your lives in a way you’ve only dreamed of until now.

As we work together, you’ll soon have other Moms asking you the secret to your family’s happiness and well-being!

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Kasey’s perspective and intuition is astounding. She is able to ask thought provoking questions, sit with calmness, and guide you to a place of introspection and clarity. Her personal journey and life lessons are captured so beautifully as she transforms these experiences into lessons for you to explore and feel. She allows you to unpeel the layers of life and discover the subtle gifts that we walk among but so often miss. Kasey challenges conventional thought and leads you to a new perspective and appreciation for yourself and your family.
Shandy MollerPortland, Oregon
When I began working with Kasey several years ago, I discovered that I’d fallen into a pattern of putting the needs of my family and work in front of my own. As the most important things in my life, this prioritization left me feeling drained. In working with Kasey, I learned simple yet profound ways to better care for myself while enabling me to better meet the needs of my family and clients. As a result, I am vibrant, full of energy and have found the perfect balance of loving and caring for others and myself. Working with Kasey has been such a gift!
Libby BarnettMSW, Reiki Master Teacher

6-Month Mentoring Package 

  • Introductory Session: 90-minutes
  • Mentoring Sessions: 2X/month – 11 sessions
  • Sessions Conducted Conveniently by Phone or Skype 
  • Mentoring Session Recordings
  • Session Action & Accountability Plan  
  • Email/Text Support
  • Ignite Your Magical Life Online Course: Includes 6 Videos, 6 Audio Meditations & Course Workbook

Why Mentoring

Being a Mom today is really hard. Children used to be raised in community, surrounded by Aunties and Uncles, Grandmothers and Grandfathers, Neighbors and Friends. Today, we’re much more on our own, trying to figure this whole parenting thing out. But you don’t have to walk this path alone. With a Mentor by your side, you can relax in the knowledge and certainty that you’re doing the very best for yourself and your family. Mentoring is the most valuable gift you can give to yourself and your family.

Why Kasey?

With a Masters Degree in Education from Boston College, 17+ years working with students and parents, training under premier teachers, 19 years practice raising her own two children, Reiki Master Certification and more, Kasey’s wisdom and guidance have helped transform the lives of Moms and their families.

Why a 6 month commitment?

Lasting change takes time and commitment. Kasey is fully committed to You and needs to know that you’re just as committed to your own process of transformation.

Further Questions?

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What happens when we talk?

  • We'll take a few moments to center and connect
  • You'll have the opportunity to describe the life of your dreams in vivid detail
  • We'll look at where you are now and what blocks, beliefs and struggles are keeping you from living your dream life
  • I'll explain how I work with clients and you can ask any questions
  • You'll leave feeling inspired and energized, having gained clarity on your future regardless of whether we choose to work together
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