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Preemie: Lessons in Love, Life, and Motherhood

My story began when I thought I’d given birth to the smallest baby ever born. She arrived four months prematurely, weighing one pound, eleven ounces. I was desperate for someone who could understand what I was going through, hold my hand and tell me I would get through this. But no one arrived, and I was lost and lonely. I didn’t have a preemie book that could guide me or reassure me through this process.

Which is why I wrote Preemie, a book whose universal message has inspired thousands of readers from all around the world.

My story began with a premature birth – yours, or someone you know, may have began with a car accident, a medical diagnosis, a death, a divorce, a job change, loss or move. No matter the circumstances, what’s important is that you know you are not alone…that someone has walked this path before you.

The Preemie book conveys the universal message that adversity is often opportunity in disguise and the opportunity to witness a life transformation as a result. Whether you’re looking for a preemie book for yourself or are searching for the best gifts for preemie moms, “Preemie” can offer inspiration and hope during hard times.

“For anyone looking for wisdom, inspiration and a reason to hope, you’ll find it within these pages. This powerful story shows us that miracles do happen!”

– Marci Shimoff, author of Happy for No Reason, co-author of six Chicken Soup for the Soul books and featured teacher in The Secret DVD and book.


Excerpt from the Preemie book

“Whenever I questioned my ability to raise Andie, I would repeat back to myself what I’d heard. “You’re so strong.” But, I didn’t really understand what it meant to be strong. Or perhaps, I misunderstood. I thought being strong meant being stoic, standing proud to receive whatever news came my way, with my back straight and my shoulders squared, unwavering in my beliefs, like the great skyscrapers that stand confidently over city skylines.

But I learned that architects intentionally design flexibility into those tall buildings. Without the ability to move with changing wind patterns and volatile ground shifts, the buildings would come crashing down—like me. I had only been able to stand for so long. Without flexibility and an ability to sway, I’d come crumbling down. I was at my weakest, most powerless, and I was pretty sure I couldn’t be rebuilt. And like a fallen building that crowds gather around, I was wreckage for all to see.

Yet it wound up being there, in that heap, that I would discover the true meaning of strength; not in picking myself up, but in staying down and letting go. Surrendering to the fact that I couldn’t go on, I would eventually realize that strength and vulnerability share the same gene. They coil around one another like basic strands of human DNA. To be vulnerable became my biggest strength.”


“Just when you think you know nearly everything there is to know about what it feels like to be a human being, along comes a story that brings you to your knees and cracks your heart open just a bit more. Preemie is just that type of story. Kasey Mathews tells deep, painful truths about what happens when a ’perfect’ life is jolted by reality. So much more than an account of a birth plan gone awry, this lovely memoir is about letting go of assumptions, moving into the place that scares us most, and discovering that what we get in return for our surrender is nothing less than grace.”

“Kasey Mathews writes with unflinching honesty about the shock and shame of mothering a child born four months prematurely…With humor, heart, and humanity, we witness a woman and her family who grow in dimension, capacity, and wisdom along with Andie’s lungs, limbs, and life force. Kasey Mathews’ voice as a writer is as deep with feeling and complexity as is her family’s story—both embracing the imperfect beauty, not of what happens to us, but what we choose to make of it. Through a series of small surrenders and forthright actions Kasey Mathews becomes the warrior you would want on your side.”

Preemie is an invaluable resource for families coping with the trauma of having a premature baby. Kasey Mathews elegantly and authentically describes her own preemie journey, becoming a best friend and mentor who has lived your experience and provides wisdom and tools that can help soothe and comfort you.”

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