Awaken Your Magic…

Every day I consciously look for moments of magic in the midst of my often busy, sometimes crazy days. I hope my moments inspire you to look for your own…

a women in a dress who decided to stop waiting and live fully

Stop Waiting and Start Living

I recently had an a moment that reminded me it was time to stop waiting and start living. It all began not too long ago when I saw a beautiful […]

a woman who has stopped trying and is leaning into the energy of already is

Are You Trying too Hard?

What would you say if I told you that I have a simple and easy trick that will help you achieve what you’re striving to accomplish in your life? Well […]

a writing prompt - I feel safe when

Find Your Safe Space

Lately, my thoughts and focus have been on the idea of how you can find your safe space within your day to day life.  I’m always on the lookout for […]

a smiling woman after she changed her mindset with 2 simple words

2 Simple Words to Change Your Mindset

I am so excited to share 2 simple words to change your mindset! These “mindset changing” words came from a little moment of magic that happened in my world! I […]

a writing prompt for internal decluttering

My Favorite Decluttering Tool

The trees are budding, flowers are blooming, and I am feeling inspired by the beauty of nature around me. And… as I tend to do about this time every year, I’m […]

The Importance of Rest

After my recent laments about my children leaving the nest, I soon became aware deeply aware importance of rest in my life. I heard from many other women going through […]

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