Do You Have an Animal Spirit Guide?

Have you ever wondered if you have an animal spirit guide?

Are the creatures that cross your path offering wisdom and messages for you?

Last weekend, here in New England the weather called for beautiful and warm temps on Saturday, and cold and rainy on Sunday, so I planned accordingly.

We had lots of outdoor playful activities planned for Saturday and the boring, indoor “have-to-do-household” activities for Sunday.

So Saturday brought a long morning bike ride, playing in the garden and an outdoor dinner with neighbors we hadn’t seen in ages…

and I awoke Sunday, feeling played-out and prepared to take on the indoor tasks planned for the day.

But Sunday morning brought no rain.

Or cold.

In fact, it was quite sunny and beautiful outside.

I was, frankly, disappointed.

I’d made plans for a cold rainy day!

Time to Shift Plans

The bright light coming in through the windows was teasing my eyes, and there was no way I was about to tackle anything on that rainy-Sunday indoor list.

“Wanna go for a walk,” I asked, looking down at my dog, Georgie Girl, who as usual was lying at my feet.

So off we went.

But not for my usual get-your-heart-rate-up walk through the woods.

Instead I put on my boots and began a slow meander into the trees.

I’d deliberately left my phone at home on the kitchen counter; my only provision a handful of dog biscuits.

Usually, I head straight down the trail into the woods, but something called me to turn onto the path to the right.

We followed the path to the top of the hill and for a moment at the top, Georgie was out of sight.

I scanned the woods and caught sight of her over my right shoulder happily sniffing away.

When I took a step forward, I hesitated and thought maybe I should extend my wandering a bit, and looked over to the path to the left.

My head turned left, looked away and then quickly turned back again, allowing my eyes to adjust to what I saw.

Big Animal Surprise

“Well, hello,” I said aloud to the moose (!!!) standing about fifty yards away in between the trees.

Because I’d left my phone at home, I felt no desperate need to quickly capture a photo or video.

Instead I just stood for a moment and gazed, and he or she did the same in return.

Our gaze lasted a moment more, and then the lovely beast turned and walked off into the woods.

With a sigh and a smile, I turned and began walking toward my home.

a moose in the woods my animal spirit guide message

photo thanks to james fitzgerald on unsplash

A Magical Gift

What a magical gift I’d been given for honoring and meeting myself exactly where I was that morning.

I could have forced myself (with a little extra coffee and maybe some chocolate) to stick to the plan and tackle that list.

But my heart, mind, and soul had other desires.

So I gave myself permission to push that list aside, and follow my heart into the woods to meet a new friend.

And as you’ll see, the message I received from that animal spirit guide, Moose confirmed my decision.

Do you have animal spirit guides delivering you messages?

Do you need to slow down more and notice?

Is there anywhere in your life where you need to give yourself permission?

There are so many ways to discover the Magic in our lives,

and perhaps discovering if you have an animal spirit guide is one for you!

Back at home, here’s what I discovered Moose had to share with me!

Animal Spirit Guide Message

Moose symbolism is letting you know that you – and only you – have the authority to make your choices in life.​ Use your intuition and intelligence to see what fits and what does not. 

Pretty spot on, eh?

Want to play? Visit this site and find out what your animal spirit guides are trying to tell you!

Animals as Messengers

“When you begin to believe in the animals as spiritual teachers and messengers, it opens up a whole new dimension in your life. Animals suddenly become more than simple pets or companions. They become messengers, teachers, and holders of ancient wisdom and lore. Their spiritual messages give us guidance, teach us about our own journeys and unconditionally give us nourishment on all levels (physically, mentally, and spiritually) to help us sustain life and maintain balance with nature.

An animal can bring us a message in several ways. We can physically cross paths with it, we can dream about them, they can visit us in our meditations, or we can even have them as pets.”

May your coming days be full of Magic!

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Benefits of Being Outdoors

Are there really Benefits of Being Outdoors?

Read on and find out the answer is YES!

Ok, are you feeling the stirrings of spring, yet?

I was shocked last night to look outside at 5:00 pm and see it was still light here in New Hampshire.

I’m hearing the birds singing in the early mornings, and seeing more people out walking these days, too. Could it be we’re slowly emerging from hibernation?

What about you? Are you feeling the urge to move? To get outside more?

Need a little nudge?

How about this?

I recently came across a concept I fell so in love with, I couldn’t wait to tell you all about it!

It’s called “Shinrin-Yoku” a Japanese term, translated as Forest Bathing.

The activity was originally intended as a simple walk through the forest listening to nature, enjoying the scents of the trees and beauty of the surroundings.

Yet it turns out, researchers discovered that forest bathing has far greater health benefits. Trees and plants emit wood essential oils, or phytoncides, designed to protect themselves from bugs and disease, and it’s believed that humans benefit from this protection as well!

How cool is that?

I take Georgie Girl for a walk in the woods every day – my walking meditation, as I call it, yet I had no idea the extent of the health benefits I was gaining by simply being out in nature, in the midst of the trees. My kind of therapy.

Inspired to enjoy the benefits of being outdoors?

Even if you’re in a city far from nature, there must be a tree or two somewhere that you can make friends with!

Go on! Get out there, and take a bath!

Bathe your body, mind and soul…

and enjoy the Magic of the Trees!

a beautiful photo of trees showing the health benefits of getting outside in nature

Photo by Michael Krahn on Unsplash

If you’re looking for more health benefits and ways you can benefit from the outdoors, this post on Relieving Anxiety Naturally may be of interest.

An Interview I Simply Adored

Last fall, I was introduced to a photographer who is fascinated by the question “How do you want to be seen?” That’s the question she asks each client before a photo shoot, and the question she poses to those she invites onto her podcast.

I had the honor of sitting with Lisa Arnold and recording this podcast interview in which I answer that exact question. We talked about that and so much more, and it’s absolutely become one of my favorite interviews. There’s something mesmerizing and magical about the way Lisa asks thoughtful and engaging questions. She had me under her spell, as you’ll hear when you listen.

Listen HERE or wherever you get your podcasts.


Finally, there was this!

To say my heart was singing would be an understatement!

Watch the quick video to see what I’m talking about!

Sweet Preemie Story



Relieve Anxiety Naturally

Quiet woods with a trail that's perfect for a walk to relieve anxiety naturally

Photo by Dave Hoefler on Unsplash

Ways to Relieve Anxiety Naturally: Simple Anxiety Relief Techniques

Boy, there’s a lot happening in the world right now, hey? It’s no wonder so many of us are looking for ways to relieve anxiety naturally.

Years ago, as a new Mom (I always capitalize!) of two young children, one medically fragile, I dealt with anxiety on a pretty deep level.

It got to a point where something had to give, and I ended up creating what I’d later call my Anti-Anxiety Go-To List. It’s still my go-to list of simple ways to relieve anxiety even years later.

I’ve heard from enough of you to know that I’m not alone in dealing with this issue right now. If you’re like me, and seeking solutions to turn down the volume when life tilts toward too much, I hope you find this helpful. (If you’re at a place where normal, everyday functioning is being affected, please seek medical care.)

If any of the ways to relieve anxiety below resonate, try them out and see what works for you. I’d love to hear!

Ways to Relieve Anxiety Naturally

  1. Recognize and acknowledge that you’re anxious. You can’t really deal with anxiety or find anxiety relief, if you don’t know you’re anxious, right?
  2. Say it out loud. I’m anxious. Say it again. I’m anxious. Let out a big exhale. Say it again. As many times as feels right to you and you feel your breath return. When we bring what’s hidden down in the dark to light, it loses its power. This is one of the fastest ways to relieve anxiety – or at least start the process.
  3. Drink water. Lots of it. Remember your body is an energy circuit and energy flows best and freely through water.
  4. Recall what you’ve eaten, or not. Hmmm, it’s 11am and I’ve had two cups of coffee and a half a gluten-free peanut butter cookie. Is it time to feed yourself? Preferably some protein. (On a side note, since discovering a gluten allergy eight years ago and cutting out all wheat products, the level and frequency of my anxiety decreased significantly. If you’re struggling to find natural anxiety relief, be sure to look at what foods could be a trigger!)
  5. Look back on the night before. How many glasses of wine did I drink? Is that pit in my stomach like I felt last time I poured one too many?
  6. Nap. Speaking of last night, what time did I go to bed? Oh man, a 20-minute lie down would do me wonders. What about you?
  7. Close your laptop. Set down your phone. How long have you been sitting in front of your computer? When was the last time you looked down at your hand and didn’t see your phone resting there? While you’re at it, shut off all the beeping notifications and other sounds! There’s nothing like a little screen-free time to relieve anxiety and stress.
  8. Move your body. Walk. Get Outside. Don’t worry about how far, just move and release what’s built up on the inside! Movement – especially outdoors – is one of the best ways to relieve anxiety naturally.
  9. Write. This step is key for me. Once I begin writing, once my pencil touches paper and words begin to flow, I no longer carry all the unease around. I never know from one time to the next what form this will take, maybe a list, maybe a bunch of jumbled words on a page or formed paragraphs, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that the page holds the worries and they’re no longer inside of me mucking up the works.
  10. Soul-Soothing Music – Lately I’ll put on a piece of Pachelbel and feel my pulse slow down and my mind clear. What music helps you relax and helps you relieve anxiety and stress?
  11. Warmth – Envelop yourself in a blanket or wrap a scarf around your neck. Put on an extra sweater. The cozy feeling of warmth always makes me feel more safe and secure.
  12. Meditation – Sit, breathe and get centered. How you do that is up to you. I love this guided meditation but there are many different anxiety relief meditation options out there.
  13. Self Care – Reiki. An epsom salt bath. A social-distance walk with a friend. All of these are simple ways to relieve anxiety. What feels good to you?
  14. Other Alternatives – Rescue Remedy, CBD, Aromatherapy, Essential Oils. Do a little research. Talk to friends and family and ask what’s worked for them. Let’s get the conversation started! I bet there’s more people in your life who have come up with their own ways to relieve anxiety than you might think!
  15. Get Organized – This is a recent addition to my list and came as a bit of a surprise. While enlisting all my known anxiety relief techniques, I discovered that for me a lack of order is quite anxiety inducing. I came to recognize that things like clutter on the counter or piles of unopened mail, can induce lots of stress.
  16. Is it Yours? Finally, be sure to recognize whether the anxiety you’re carrying around is actually yours! It’s not unusual to take on the angst of others in our lives.

Most importantly, I remind myself of my favorite quote by Eckartt Tolle and allow it to play in my head on repeat:

“And this too shall pass.”

It always does, doesn’t it?

What about you? How do you manage your anxiety? Do you have any favorite ways to relieve anxiety naturally?

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