Do You Need Permission?

Permission to Take Care of Yourself?

Why do you need permission from someone else to take care of YOU?

I’m hearing from many of you that June is feeling busy and there’s not much time to care for self.

I remember those days when my kids were little.

I was often running on fumes in order to keep up with their seemingly unending energy and needs.

There were days when I was so exhausted my eyes wouldn’t focus properly.

Yet even on the rare occasion when the kids were quiet and resting, I wouldn’t dare take a break.


It wasn’t because I had too much to do – I always had too much to do.

Instead, I believe that denial was driven by the fear that someone might judge me for not being as productive as possible.

Honestly, I don’t know who that someone was.

Certainly not hubby.

He always reminded me, “The laundry will be there tomorrow. Take time for you.”

Still I’d imagine some fictional, well-put-together neighbor popping in, just the moment I chose to lie down.

I’d picture her shocked face and see the air bubble above her head thinking “Does she just lie around all day?”

No way was she going to catch me.

So I’d keep on moving.

Forcing myself to “suck it up” and slog through my to-do list. All the while becoming more exhausted and drained.

On the rare occasion I’d contemplate the idea of rest, the words that ran through my head were, How dare I?

a woman wrapped in a blanket giving herself permission to care for herself

photo thanks Taisiia Stupak

Boy have I come along way!!!

Today, I hardly even recognize that woman.

Because at some point along my journey, I came to know and understand that in treating myself with kindness, in acknowledging that the only one judging me was ME, I learned the incredible value and benefit of self-care.

And as a result, I became a more present, loving and patient Mom.

So these days, when I’m running on fumes and not showing up as my best self, I ask myself a very different question…

How dare I not?

I don’t need permission from anyone.

And neither do you!

I give MYSELF permission.


And so should you!

Rest, walk, watch your favorite movie at noon on a Tuesday!

In other words, do whatever feeds your soul and allows you to show up in the fullness of you.

Go ahead! Give yourself permission!

And if you want to take it a step further, write yourself a permission slip!

It doesn’t have to be anything fancy!

A post-it note, a slip of paper, or if you have my book A Mom’s Guide to Creating a Magical Life turn to page 22 where your permission slip is waiting for you!

a picture of a permission slip

Go ahead!

Give Yourself Permission!

P.S. I’d love to hear what you’ve written on your permission slip! Shoot me an email at to share or visit my Facebook Page and leave a comment over there! and let me know! If you’re feeling it also share a photo of your permission slip!!! I can’t wait!!! XOXOXO