Enjoy Your Life Now

If there is anything we’ve learned from the past two years experiencing a global pandemic is that we should enjoy life in the here and now. Why wait for someday when we now know how easily those somedays can be taken away?

Stop Putting Everything off till Someday

Fourteen years ago, when we found that empty farm house on a hill in rural New Hampshire, I stared out at the big back field, took my hubby’s hand in mine and said, “Wow, we could have an amazing party back there.”

And you know what? We never did.

Because there was aluminum siding to strip. There was painting to do. There were gardens to weed. And there were a gazillion other to-dos on that long list before the house was “done” enough to have a party.

Then, two years ago, with the onset of a global pandemic, the choice to have a party was taken away. Suddenly I found myself fully regretting all the parties and other moments in life I had let pass by.


I’ve been watching the final season of the show This is Us. No spoiler alerts, just a moment of personal poignancy as I watched a scene with an older woman in failing health juxtaposed against her younger self, unaware of all that was to transpire in her life.

Sitting on my sofa, letting that realization sink in, I thought, “We just don’t know, do we?”

We didn’t know the upheaval, disruption and loss that the past two years would bring.

Yet now we do.

So perhaps it’s time to say YES to living life more fully while we can.


A dear friend, after making a miraculous recovery from cancer, showed up in gorgeous skirts, dresses and jewelry every time I saw her.

One time I commented about how amazing she always looked. I share this story in my book, A Mom’s Guide to Creating a Magical Life.

You know, Kase,” she said, looking me right in the eye, “I had all these clothes hanging in my closet waiting for the party. Then I realized, this is the party.”

Enjoy Your Life Now – This is the party! 

What are you waiting for?

Someday is now. This is the party.