How to Stop Feeling Overwhelmed

Do you want to know how to finally stop feeling Overwhelmed?

Then you are not alone!

I hear this from so many of my clients, fellow entrepreneurs, moms, and human beings. There is no shortage of “to-do’s” on our lists. From kids to spouses to work to family obligations…

Look, I know you’re already overwhelmed, so I won’t go there any more than you already have.

Instead, how about I help you move from Overwhelm to a Place of Ease?

Are you thinking, It’s just not possible for me to stop feeling overwhelmed?

Read on, dear friend. I promise you, hope in sight.

a woman holding her head in her hands because she feels so overwhelmed

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Today I’m sharing my 3 Simple, Tried-and-True Steps so you never again have to ask – How Do I Stop Feeling Overwhelmed?


Step One: Write it Down

Write down everything.

Every little thing that you’re carrying around. From the big stuff to the tiniest! It all adds up leaving you feeling like it’s all just too much, aka Overwhelmed!

Use the Pour It Out Page in my Overwhelm Solution Guide and let it all out:

Kids are fighting all the time.

Work demands never end.

The house is so disorganized.

There is no end in sight to this “new normal.”

I haven’t done laundry in a week.

I don’t know what to make for dinner.

I can’t make time to workout.

I don’t even know what the heck self-care is anymore!

Often the Overwhelm living in you feels big and unmanageable. By getting it out of your body and down onto the page you’re no longer carrying it within your being. Allow the page to hold it for you.

Once you’ve excavated and gotten the Overwhelm out, then just simply notice.

How do you feel?

Is there anything you missed? If so, write it down. If not, take in a nice big breath through your nose and blow it all out of your mouth like you’re blowing out candles on a cake. Sit with that.

If you feel like you need it, breathe in and out again.

Once you feel the sensation of Ahhhh arrive with the breath, you’ll know you’re there.

Ok, now you know the next time you ask How do I stop feeling overwhelmed, what to do first!

So, are you ready for Step Two?

Step Two: Feel What You’re Feeling

Sounds so simple, right? But often feelings of Overwhelm are actually just bottled up emotions swirling through your system trying to get your attention and find their way to light.

How do you get them out? Feel them!!!

You know that sensation when there’s so much going on it almost feels like you’re not even in your body?

Like you’ve kind of “checked out” and saying to yourself “I just can’t take anymore.”

That is actually you NOT feeling what you’re feeling.

If you think about all the times throughout your life you were told NOT to feel your feelings, it makes perfect sense.

Don’t be sad. Don’t be scared. Don’t be angry. Don’t be (fill in the blank)

What if there was a different way?

Instead of denying your emotions, what if you embraced them instead? You actually FELT what you’re feeling!


Great question!

Simply notice the emotion you’re feeling.

I’m so lonely.

I’m feeling sad.

I’m furious

Good. Where in your body do you feel that?

Pit in my stomach.

Good. Breathe right into that area.

Awareness and breath will help it move up and out.

When you acknowledge your feelings and breathe into them, you’re validating them and allowing them to move through you, rather than take up residence within you.

When you go with emotions, rather than fight against them, you allow yourself to feel the emotions, which in turn release them and prevent them from lodging in your physical body where they show up as total overwhelm.

Make sense? I know it sounds so simple, but please don’t be fooled. I’ve witnessed over and over again how this powerful process has enabled my coaching clients to make huge shifts in their lives.

Are YOU ready to make a huge shift in yours?

You can Find Step Three – Event + Response = Outcome in my  FREE Overwhelm Solution Guide HERE 

You got this!

If you feel like you want even more support, I’d love to talk to you more about Transformational Life Coaching and whether that would be a fit for you! Schedule a Complimentary Session to Explore Here