Power of Writing Down Your Dreams

There is so much power in writing down your dreams!


a woman in bed writing down her dreams

photo thanks to Kinga Cichewicz

Last week, I was talking to a Transformational Life Coaching Client about all the changes she really wanted to make in her life.

“Write them down,” I told her.

In my coaching sessions, when my amazing clients describe their dream life, I say to them, “Write it down.”

There is something so powerful about writing words on the page. It begins with the seeds of a wish; a thought you may dare to dream. But if you really want to make that wish a realization, I can’t urge you enough, Write it Down.

There is so much power in writing down your dreams!

I know first-hand that this practice really works.

Eleven years ago, when we had to move from the 200-year-old home we so adored in Massachusetts to New Hampshire for a job change, I had the entire family, including my six-year-old daughter and eight-year-old son write down exactly what they wanted in our new house.

We all wanted another old house.

Our daughter wanted a bigger bedroom (hers was basically a closet).

Our son wanted a sledding hill.

I asked for apple trees, stone walls and fireplaces.

And hubby wished for garages (he’s an old car nut), 25 acres, and ceilings that he wouldn’t bump his head on.

Most importantly, we needed to be able to afford this dream house!

Writing down your wishes, goals and plans for the future can be a powerful way to set your intentions. Get your kids involved in intention setting when it effects the whole family! #intentions #goals #family

It’s was tempting for all the “yeah, buts” to sneak in and list all the reasons why it would never happen, but after I wrote our dreams down, I practiced saying the simple motto, Ask, Believe and Receive.

And no joke, the very first house we went to look at was 200 years old, had a sledding hill, big bedrooms, tall ceilings, garages, fireplaces, stonewalls, all on 25 acres!

Best of all it had been sitting empty for over two years and the owners were looking to unload it!

I must admit, even I was surprised by this incredible manifestation, but since then, I’ve never doubted the power of writing down your dreams and asking for what you desire.

Are you ready?

Your turn!

What are your dreams?

Allow yourself to really go for it!

Write them down and allow the power of the page to do its work.

And remember, when the “yeah buts” try to creep in, simply remind them…

anything is possible and keep believing in your dream.

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