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Preemie by Kasey Mathews – Review and Q&A

2012/07/03 By Maggie

Preemie: Lessons in Love, Life, and Motherhood is a book by Kasey Mathews.  In this book, she details her daughter, Andie’s struggles as a preemie, far after she left the NICU.

I received this book and immediately dove in and read it start to finish in about 2 days.  I love memoirs about babies and pregnancy and this was no different.  I know I am very fortunate in that my children have been born healthy and ready to go right home with me. However, I do know many people who have not been as fortunate so this book helped me learn more about what they may have had to go through.  I like to think that this book would also help some repeat questions about the NICU and preemies in general.

What I found particularly fascinating was Mathews’ use of holistic, non-traditional medicine to help Andie overcome any lasting obstacles.  I really think this is not explained enough in the book description and should be highlighted more, as there many people out there who would surely benefit from Andie’s experiences.  I also think that Mathews would do well to write another book…

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