Preemie/Vacation Update II

Our vacation has been wonderful, but sadly, as these things do, it is coming to an end.

Here are a couple of pictures from this wonderful little beach we found on the end of Lake Placid!



Lee has a few more days off, but Tuck has decided he’d like to wake up tomorrow in New Hampshire on his 14th birthday!  So today we’re loading up duffle bags, beach towels and life jackets to make the trip back from New York, across Vermont, into New Hampshire.

It’s been a marvelous vacation and so joyous to spend time with family and continue to share my book with the world.  I have received so many beautiful letters from others who have read my book.  I’m hoping next week to share a blog post with several of the notes I’ve received!

I had a radio interview on Monday with Larry Whitler out of Ocala, Florida.  Here is the podcast if you’d like to LISTEN.

I had two radio interviews this morning; both were taped, so I’ll keep you posted as to air dates!  The first was with David Freymiller’s Morning News KCTA-AM out of Corpus Christi, Texas, and the second was with John Ostapkovich’s News Feature on KYW-AM Philadelphia, PA.

Vacation and book tour has left little time for my own writing, so I’d like to share an essay from another preemie mom that is truly one of the most beautiful, uplifting, life-affirming  posts I’ve ever read.  I hope you think so, too!  The Air of Possibility by Shannon Pruitt of My New Favorite Day.

Thanks once again for following me along on this wondrous ride!

How is your summer going? Can you feel fall and school bells lurking around the corner?