Thought You Might Like… (The Bubblah)

This entry is a little different from those I’ve written in the past.  You see, sometimes I get really excited about something; so excited that I just can’t help myself, I have to tell everybody about it!  It might be a new recipe, or a book, a song, maybe a poem, or a kid’s game or craft, or like today, a simple gadget.  I hope that by sharing some of my favorite things, you’ll be inspired to share some of yours, too!

 Thought you might like…

…this At-Home Water Fountain!  

Or if you grew up in New England, this At-Home Watah Bubblah!

When new guests come to the house or the kids have friends over, we hear exclamations of “That is so COOL!” followed by the question I dread, “Where did you get that?” which inevitably leads to my long, sheepish explanation:

“Well, you see, I was in Florida visiting my parents, and my mom had the TV on and she was flipping through the channels and happened to briefly stop (here I emphasize briefly) on The Home Shopping Channel.  (Here I steal a glance at my guest to gauge the reaction and level of judgement before deciding to continue on with this story or make up an entirely new story in which my purchase was made at a small plumbing fixture store that sadly just went out of business).  But if my guest looks more interested in getting my cool fountain than judging me, I carry on, explaining how when seeing these little faucets on the boob tube, I had exclaimed, ‘Those are so Cool,’ and my mom insisted I buy them right then and there or they’d be gone.  

So I did.  

And she was right.  

I was never able to find them again.  (Did you notice how I conveniently scapegoated my mom for my home shopping TV purchase, but made it seem ok to do so, by admitting that she was right?)”

Usually by the time I arrive at the end of my explanation, my guest; 1.) Looks pretty confused as to why she/he had to endure this long story only to find out this product is unavailable to her/him and, 2.) Wonders where she/he can get a stiff drink and duct tape to put over my mouth. (My husband is usually standing by with both!)

But those days are over because I have searched and I have found!  It turns out The At-Home Watah Bubblah is called Kwik Sip and is now available online!

So you can save yourself the embarrassment of admitting you commited the unthinkable act of sitting on your couch and ordering a product seen on TV and instead admit with confidence that you were sitting on your couch and ordered the little device through your computer!

They’re 2 for $20 (7 bucks for shipping).  All you do is screw the little thingy right into your faucet and you’re good to go!

Here’s the link: (Be warned the ad on the website is pretty cheesy!) 

I just placed an order of my own and had to click through several screens of additional promos before placing the order, but otherwise it went smoothly.  I’ll post an update when they arrive!

Wicked awesome!