Whirlwind Syracuse Media Tour

Sitting at the cafe at the Fayetteville Wegman’s reflecting on what a whirlwind yesterday turned out to be!

A van pulled into my parent’s driveway at 11:30 yesterday…


and Jim Reith and I sat in my parent’s living room for a wonderful interview.


My Dad walked in just as we were about to start and plopped down right across from me (no pressure)!


My Dad is just a little proud!

The interview aired on The Jim Reith Show last night as The Main Event! Click below to watch.


A few hours later, Lee, the kids and I piled in the car to head to the local TV studios.  Live TV – Gulp!

I felt really nervous until we drove past my grandparent’s house that is right near the studios.   Driving past their house, I knew they’d be so proud if they were still here to see this, especially my grandfather who read six newspapers a day and watched every news program available!


It was so fun for the kids (Lee and me, too!) to get a behind the scenes peek at live tv!




And then it was my turn to sit with anchors Matt Mulcahy and Megan Coleman.  They are fabulous and made me feel so comfortable! You can watch part of the interview by clicking on the link below. Sadly, the footage of Lee, Tuck and Andie on air didn’t make the taped video piece, but take my word for it, they looked pretty darn cute sitting in the studio!

Interview on NBC News Talk Tonight 

After that interview, it was off to the CBS studios to meet Michael Benny and sit with him for an interview. No taped video yet, but hopefully soon.  He was a delight and brought Andie on camera at the end of the interview!

As soon as I left Michael’s studio, we raced over to Barnes and Noble for the book signing.

I couldn’t believe how many people were there!

And the stories…  The stories of other preemie parents, grandparents, and so many others who hadn’t even known a preemie baby story but were touched by this one.  My High School guidance counselor was there and slipped a silver “pocket angel” into my hand just before I began my talk.  He’s always been my angel.  A friend and fellow preemie mom I met through the book and have gotten to know on Facebook drove an hour and a half to meet me…


as did one of my oldest and dearest friends…


Out for dinner after!

It was all so joyous and I am so grateful to everyone who was there and all of you who were there in spirit, too!

Before leaving the TV studios, just for fun Lee took this photo of the kids and me…


Then, we show up at Barnes and Noble and that exact van was there.  “Maybe they’re here for you, Mom,” Tuck said.  “Yeah right,” I said in reply.

But they were.

And it was pretty darn fun to end such a whirlwind of a day with my entire family gathered around to watch the 11:00 news!  (Video of that one to follow, too, if it becomes available!)