a woman who has stopped trying and is leaning into the energy of already is

Are You Trying too Hard?

What would you say if I told you that I have a simple and easy trick that will help you achieve what you’re striving to accomplish in your life? Well there is! It begins with this simple question – Are you trying too hard?

The discovery of this method all began in a recent Transformational Life Coaching session with a new client.

The conversation went something like this:

I’m trying to exercise more.

I’m trying to set better boundaries with my employees and family.

I’m trying to focus more on self-care…

Before she could go any farther down the path of listing all the changes she was trying to accomplish, I invited her to take a moment to reflect upon the energy of the word “trying”.

I asked her to restate the three statements she’d just made, yet remove the word “trying.”

She paused a moment, tucked a piece of hair behind her ear and looked down at her notebook.

Then she lifted her head and spoke the three sentences:

I am exercising more.

I am setting better boundaries with my employees and family.

I am more focused on self-care.

She smiled and sat up taller in her chair.

“I get it,” she said.

The Magic of Not Trying too Hard

Trying implies a sense of uncertainty and potential failure. However, when you embrace the mindset that something already is, you shift your attention toward taking decisive action. You no longer waste energy on self-doubt or hesitations but instead direct your efforts towards implementing solutions and achieving results!

Language is powerful and the energy you put out in the world with the words you speak is powerful, too. (You already know I’m a little nuts about the word FINE!)

Well, trying is another word that causes me to cringe. It’s such a wishy-washy word. A half-in/half-out word. A someday word, rather than a right-now word.

a woman who has stopped trying and is leaning into the energy of already is

Are You Ready to Stop Trying So Hard?

Focus on what you’re “trying” to change in your life and notice if your language is aligned in support?

I am trying to be more patient with my kids vs

I am more patient with my kids.

I am trying to lose weight vs

I am losing weight.

I am trying to take time each day just for me vs

I am taking time each day just for me.

See the difference?

When we remove the word “trying” and instead lean into the energy of “it already is,” we shift our mindset and approach toward a more empowering and positive outlook!

Removing that one word – trying –  changes your intention from wishy-washy to certain and clear.

Your turn!

Get clear on your desires.

Then play with them and notice how a simple shift in awareness and language has the potential for profound change!

Be certain. Get clear. And reach out if you need extra support!

Bonus Writing Prompt –

a woman writing in a field not trying too hard

I am…

The two words that many consider to be the most powerful in the English language.

See where they take you.

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