a women in a dress who decided to stop waiting and live fully

Stop Waiting and Start Living

I recently had an a moment that reminded me it was time to stop waiting and start living.

It all began not too long ago when I saw a beautiful sundress online…

The sundress was way more expensive than I would usually spend.

Yet for a week I left it in the shopping cart and opened the tab nearly every day.

Several times my hand came close to pressing the purchase button, but I kept stopping myself. 

Truth is, I’m more of a TJMaxx and thrift store kind of shopper.

And yet, something kept drawing me back to the dress. 

“It’s hand woven and made by local women in Greece,” I whispered to myself. 

And then the little voice in my head said, “Go for it.”

And before I could think any further, I had pressed purchase.

Time to Stop Waiting

The sundress arrived and I carefully opened the cardboard box to reveal the dress.

It was green and flowy and I knew right away I loved it.

It was perfect!

And then… 

…it hung in my closet with the tags still attached ever since the day it arrived. 

The Day Finally Came to Stop Waiting

a women in a dress who decided to stop waiting and live fully

I was meeting a dear friend for coffee, looking through my different sundresses.

My new dress caught my eye, but I thought, “Oh no, I couldn’t.”

What if I spill something on it? What if my pooch, Georgie Girl drools on it? It’s too special just to wear out for a cup of coffee. Plus, I have physical therapy after, so I’d have running shorts and a tank top underneath!

Then as I turned to reach for my old go-to sundress, the words of one of my dearest friends ran through my head. 

Years ago she’d been diagnosed with an advanced illness. Today, many, many years later, she’s healthy and well, but a particular moment from that time always stands out for me. 

It was soon after she’d gotten the all clear and we were getting together for a cup of coffee. 

She showed up just as she had done so often those days; dressed up in a great skirt, blouse, wearing lots of jewelry, and looking totally amazing.

“You always look so incredible these days,” I said to her. 

And her reply is what I want to share with you today.

“Kase,” she said, “One day I was standing there looking in my closet and saw all those clothes just hanging there, waiting for the party.” She waved her hands up in the air and looked right at me. “Then I realized, this is the party,” she said.

This is the party.

I still get chills. 

Stop Waiting and Start Living!

So this morning with my dear friend’s words ringing in my ears, I cut off those tags and I’m off for coffee in my new special dress! 

Because this is the party!

And every day that we get to be here is reason to celebrate, right?

So how will YOU celebrate?

I’d love to hear!

And if you want additional support, check our my Transformational Life Coaching Practice. 


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