Be Happy Now

Be Happy Now

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How To Be Happy Right Now? Change the Way You’re Thinking!

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about Happiness and wondering how many of us are actually feeling happy these days?

I don’t mean the kinda happy happiness. I mean truly, deeply happy.

I’ve noticed a theme as of late that kind of goes like this –

I’ll be happy when…

The virus goes away.

My boss goes on vacation.

I start to exercise and stick with it.

I lose 10 pounds.

My kids go back to school full time.

That check arrives in the mail.

My spouse contributes more.

I launch that business/website/product I’ve been talking about for years.

I start writing that book I’ve been talking about writing forever.

Are you starting to pick up what I’m putting down?

The I’ll be happy when sickness. How many of us have the I’ll be happy when sickness and don’t even know it?

Let me ask you this…

What if you chose to just be happy now?

In this moment.

Right now.

Your choice. Wait for someday, or choose to make someday right now.

Can you feel the difference?

The happiness you’re seeking is either down the road, or that happiness already exists, right here, right now. There’s no need to seek. No need to chase. No need to wait. It’s already here. You simply choose to see it and allow it.

How? I thought you’d never ask!

Look at your life through the eyes of gratitude and appreciation.

Let me repeat that.

Look at your life through the eyes of gratitude and appreciation.

Yup. I’m serious. That’s it. Yes, it’s so simple. So simple that many of you will dismiss this golden nugget because you believe the answer to happiness has to be harder, more complex, right?

Nope. It truly does not.

Because what you put your gratitude on, blossoms. What you appreciate, appreciates. When you’re in the energy of happiness, you grow even more happy. And when you shift your perspective, you open yourself up to Magic!

Best of all, that energy ripples off of you on to others and spreads your light and magic. That’s the kind of contagion we need to be spreading around the world these days, right?

The Happiness Bug!

Try it –

I’m so happy and grateful for the money that’s in my bank account!

I’m so happy and grateful my children have such healthy and robust energy!

I’m so happy and grateful my body is getting stronger and fitter and taking me out on daily walks!

When we’re in the energy of happiness we grow even more happy.

See for yourself! Try it out and let me know how it goes! And please share this post along to anyone you feel could use a little perspective shift, more magic in their life and are ready to be happy now!

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