Being Prepared (Giveaway)

My mom had a procedure yesterday to remove a small, but suspicious looking spot on her foot.

“What should I do?” she asked me.

I knew what she was asking.  She meant, What should I do to prepare?  She knew that before anyone had any kind of “procedure” be it minor, major or somewhere in between, if it involved asking the body to heal, she knew there was work that could be done beforehand to expedite healing and mitigate fear.

Her timing could not have been more perfect.  I was writing a blog post on that very subject for Hand to Hold’s blog, PreemieBabies101.

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Surviving Preemie Surgery and a {Giveaway}“Prepare for Surgery, Heal Faster” Book

“Before my daughter’s final surgery, the surgery where the doctors would reconnect the piece of intestine they had originally looped through the outside of her abdomen, I was hanging on by a thread. A very thin thread that snapped long before that surgery date even came close to arriving.

At three in the morning I found myself in the emergency room with severe chest pain and numbness running all the way down my left arm. Tests were run, blood was drawn, oxygen levels were taken, but ultimately it was determined that I’d had a panic attack. Not a heart attack, not a stroke, but a panic attack.  I had hit rock bottom and didn’t know if I could pull myself up again.

But my daughter still needed surgery, so pull myself up I did.” 

I go on to write about the book that saved me and my daughter…

I always keep multiple copies on my bookshelf, ready to give a copy away to anyone I think might benefit from it.

Want one on your shelf?

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Surviving Preemie Surgery and a {Giveaway} “Prepare for Surgery, Heal Faster” Book

By the way, my mom got the all clear!