Latest Past Events

NPN 3.0 Live

NICU Parent Leader's Conference - Embracing Our Light

Women’s Lakeside Weekend Retreat

Lake Todd, Bradford, NH

A lakeside weekend gathering for women. The weekend will be full of writing, health and wellness, yoga and enjoying life on the water.

$495 – $795

Winter Writing Workshop 2022


A powerful combination of Transformational Life and Book Coaching and a rare opportunity to gain access to Kasey’s intuitive coaching practice. Together we utilize the collective energy of the group and your writing, to discover and uncover the blocks and beliefs that blanket your light from shining to its fullness.


Do the same old patterns keep repeating in your life?

Get started with transformational life coaching that helps you break the cycle and step into your most Magical Life

What happens when we talk?

  • We'll take a few moments to center and connect
  • You'll have the opportunity to describe the life of your dreams in vivid detail
  • We'll look at where you are now and what blocks, beliefs and struggles are keeping you from living your dream life
  • I'll explain how I work with clients and you can ask any questions
  • You'll leave feeling inspired and energized, having gained clarity on your future regardless of whether we choose to work together
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