Life Coaching FAQ

Curious about life coaching and how it could help you? Read through the questions and answers below to learn more about transformational and holistic life coaching and business coaching for women.

Holistic life coaching is an approach to coaching that looks at all aspects of someone’s life, from their professional work and ambitions, to their health, wellness, self-care, family life, friendships, home and more. When utilizing  a holistic life coaching approach with my clients, they’re able to see more clearly how the different pieces of their life fit together and are able to make big, life-changing transformations.

Intuitive life coaching is a strategy that I use as part of my holistic approach to life coaching for women. I’m a very intuitive person and in touch with the energy in the world around me. Many of my clients say they feel like I can “see” what has been holding them back and help them overcome these roadblocks and limiting beliefs by tapping into their own intuition and personal “guides.”

The role of a life coach can vary significantly from coach to coach and from client to client. In my coaching practice, I aim to help my clients transform their lives and find more magic in the everyday. To this end, we start with an in-depth review of your life as it currently stands. With my holistic approach, we look closely at all aspects of your life, including those parts that feel in balance and aligned with your goals and those areas in which you could use support.

I’ll walk you through a practice to design your life dream – with no limitations! Whatever you think of when you picture a completely magical life is on the table. Then, we’ll work together throughout our sessions to help you overcome mindset blocks, limiting beliefs and other obstacles – using techniques including reiki, energy healing and ancestral clearing – that are holding you back so you can bring your magical life to reality.

When to get a life coach is a very personal decision. But if you’ve been putting your dreams on hold or feeling tired of a life that you describe as “fine,” then life coaching could be a good fit. Life coaching can help you work through a major life change – such as motherhood, divorce or a career change. Life coaching can also serve as a holistic business coaching method, helping you move past limiting beliefs to finally launch your dream business and create a professional life that feels magical.

Life coaches are not covered by insurance. While a life coach can certainly help you work through anxiety, fears and limiting beliefs, life coaches are not licensed medical or mental health professionals and are therefore not eligible to accept insurance. 

It depends. Life coach costs will vary depending on the coach, their years of experience and their qualifications. Coaching costs may also vary depending on the specific services offered. For more information about my life coaching fees, please contact me.

While therapists and life coaches both work to help their clients navigate life changes and overcome limiting beliefs, they are very different fields. A therapist, which may also be called a counselor or psychotherapist, is a licensed mental health professional who typically has a master’s degree or doctorate level degree in psychology or a similar field.

A life coach typically has different credentials. A life coach may have an advanced degree, but it’s not required. Typically a life coach will have gone through some kind of life coaching certification program or training program that provides coaching and other related skills.

I have a master’s degree in Education and have spent years working through numerous  training programs to become a certified Reiki Master and Certified Happiness Trainer. I’ve also done advanced training in Ancestral Clearing, Feminine Power, and Energy Codes, which add yet another advanced level to my holistic life coaching practice.

There are many different types of life coach qualifications with many different approaches and focuses. When looking for a life coach, be sure to ask a prospective coach about their qualifications. Some may have a traditional degree that helps them in their coaching work, while others may have gone through a life coaching certification program.

Many life coaches also continue their learning throughout their careers, advancing their training with programs on specific styles of coaching or other related skills. In my career, Reiki training as well as advanced training in Ancestral Clearing, Feminine Power and Energy Codes have been hugely influential on the work I do as a life coach for women today.

It depends on the coach you’re working with and your specific goals and needs from coaching. The best life coaches for women will start with your goals, your challenges and your needs and build a customized plan to help you transform your life.

In my holistic life coaching practice, all prospective clients start with a free Breakthrough Session. In this call, we talk in detail about your challenges, your goals and many aspects of your life. In our first coaching session, we talk in more detail about your dream life. No dream is too small. We discuss every little thing that would make your life easier, more joyful and more aligned with your goals – personally, professionally and in terms of your health and family life.

Because I only take on eight clients at a time, I’m able to give my clients a personalized, high-touch coaching experience. We have regular calls in which we discuss strategies to overcome challenges and reach your goals in all areas of your life – career, health, wellness, relationships, business and more. 

We are also able to incorporate practices like Reiki and ancestral clearing to help you identify and move past limiting beliefs. My clients often report a new sense of freedom and possibility thanks to my ability to “see” things that have been holding them back.

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What happens when we talk?

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  • We'll look at where you are now and what blocks, beliefs and struggles are keeping you from living your dream life
  • I'll explain how I work with clients and you can ask any questions
  • You'll leave feeling inspired and energized, having gained clarity on your future regardless of whether we choose to work together
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