Feel What You’re Feeling

What would happen if you gave yourself permission to feel what you’re feeling?

Well I’m giving myself permission, and I’m just going to say it…

I’m tired.

a tired woman feeling her feelings

Are you?

I was so excited to get “back to normal” – head to the gym for classes, meet friends for coffee, attend an in-person workshop – but disruption and uncertainty seem to be knocking on the front door again.

And every time I yell, “Go away!” they just don’t seem to listen, ya know?

I’m tired of “pivoting” and “getting creative” and “looking on the bright side”.

And yet, I know I will.

That’s what I do.

But not yet.

First, I will allow myself to be tired.

And angry. And annoyed. And upset. And anything else I’m feeling.

For as long as I need to.

Because I know what I resist will persist.

So rather than fight or deny these feelings, I will allow them and acknowledge them.

Because you and I both know, if I shove those feelings down in the dark, they’ll only breed and grow and find little ways to sneak out – fuming at a slow driver on the road, sighing when I get the trainee in the checkout line, berating myself when I wake up and discover I forgot to turn the dishwasher on the night before.

I will work to avoid all that, by giving myself full permission to feel all that I am feeling.

Plus, I will find time to rest.

And I will up my self-care game.

I’m visualizing myself on a raft that I’ve desperately been trying to paddle upstream against the current.

Instead, I will stop fighting against and go with. I will turn the raft in the opposite direction and flow with the current.

The act of writing these words down has already caused something within me to move and shift.

Because I’ve brought my truth to light.

Because I’ve opened up to others and allowed myself to be vulnerable.

I’m giving you permission to do the same.

Acknowledge and feel what you’re really feeling.

Ask yourself this simple question, and just listen for the answer from within. Give your body, mind and soul the opportunity to speak, and if you feel inspired, perhaps you’ll choose to write your answers down.

The truth is, I am feeling…

Don’t judge your response. Just notice.

Notice how you feel when you give yourself permission to feel what you’re feeling and bring those feelings to the light.

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