What To Do When Someone Bothers You

Are you ready to learn what to do when someone bothers you?

Are you tired of just sticking your head in the sand and hoping that person will drop out of your life?

Then I have a simple tool to help you deal when someone is bothering you.

Ask yourself this:

Is there someone in my life getting under my skin these days?

A friend? Family member? Colleague?

They begin to speak and in your head you think, “Here we go again,“ or something along those lines?

Ugh. It never feels good to be in that place, does it?

If you’re ready to make a shift and take a different approach…

I’d like to share a tool I have found most helpful in these situations.

When your hear that negative voice in your head speaking up in regard to someone else…

1. Turn the mirror back on yourself

2. Ask yourself this simple question –

What about this person is being reflected back in me?

look back on self when someone bothers you

Most often what bothers us most in others, is something that bothers us about ourselves.

That friend who’s always interrupting in the middle of a conversation?

Oh wait, yeah, I tend to interrupt conversations and know this is something I need to work on.

There’s Dad on the phone again, telling me what to do.

Oh yeah, there I am on the phone with my kid, telling him what to do.

That woman at work who is always…

Are you picking up what I’m putting down?

Yes, I am inviting you to regard your frustration, aggravation and annoyance toward others as a gift and opportunity!

Hey, did you just roll your eyes at me?

Come on. Just give it a try and see what happens (and be sure to let me know!!!)

Put the question in your back pocket and pull it out the next time frustration with someone else arises.

What is this person mirroring back to me that I don’t care for about myself?

By taking responsibility for our own stuff we’re practicing forgiveness and compassion to ourselves and others, and it’s just another little way we as individuals can make the world a bit of a better place!

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