Guest Post: The Pig and Me author, Lindsay Frucci

How about we start out the new year with a Book Giveaway?

I’m really excited to introduce you to my friend and fellow writer, Lindsay Frucci.

Lindsay is the author of The Pig and Me, in which she chronicles the journey of creating a low-fat browmie mix that would ultimately pull her family out of financial crisis.

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“When a personal bankruptcy robbed my family of financial security, I decided the way back to marital and family bliss was to start a business that would make gobs of money. Out of the mantra “there must be something I can do”€ and a passion for fat-laden, fudgy brownies that made it hard to zip my jeans, an idea was born: healthy brownies for the masses. In a leap of faith borne on the wings of innocence and naivete, I founded No Pudge! Foods, Inc., and began an unexpected whopper of a roller coaster ride.”

And what a roller-coaster ride it is!

Lindsay’s book is an inspiring page-turner that I know you’ll love!

I’m so certain, I’m giving away two free copies!!!

Just leave a comment by January 15th!  Winners will be chosen by and notified via email.

Lindsay was so tired of hearing “You can’t” and decided to do something about it, how about you?

For more info and to read an excerpt, check out Lindsay’s website

Happy New Year!