Simple Gifts


I was blessed with an early gift for Christmas.

It wasn’t wrapped in shiny paper or tied with a bow.

It was a simple answer to a simple question.

I’d asked it casually, resisting the urge to cross my fingers behind my back.

“Wanna to go to yoga class with me?”

She twisted a clump of her long blonde hair around her first finger, leaned back on the kitchen loveseat and yawned.

“No, big deal,” I said, retreating to the kitchen sink and breakfast dishes. “Only if you want to.”

I hardly heard her answer over the running water.

“I’ll go,” she’d said.

We rolled out our mats side by side.

Her eleven-year-old body so long, so graceful, so poised.

In downward dog, I heard, “Mom, Mom.”  When I turned to look, Andie asked, “How’s this?”

I smiled and nodded my head.  She smiled back.

We stood side by side in tree pose, arms waving in the studio air.  We wobbled at the same time, our hands coming together, fingers clasping in an embrace, holding each other up.

Balance restored.


May moments of joy, light, love and simplicity fill your home this holiday season.

XO Kasey