How to Manage Times of Uncertainty

As life tends to do from time to time, it has delivered a hard moment in my life. And this current moment prompted me to think about how to manage times of uncertainty and share the tool with YOU, that I most often turn to in these times of need.

Here in New Hampshire the mornings now have a chill to the air.

As I pull out my warmer sweaters, I’m grieving the loss of the looseness and spontaneity of the summer season.

Yet at the exact same time, I’m rejoicing in the arrival of the rhythm and routines that coincide with the fall season.

Like so much in life, it turns out to not be an Either/Or situation but an And/Both!

As the seasons have changed, I’ve begun to find my footing, yet as life tends to do, unexpected tests and trials have been thrown in my path.

And based on what I’m hearing from many of you, it sounds like I’m not alone.

How I Manage Times of Uncertainty

As tends to be the case, along with these times of uncertainty come the close cousins – fear, worry and angst.

My #1 preference would be to climb under the covers, squeeze my eyes shut tight and shout, “Wake me when it’s over!”

But seeing that I’m a living breathing Mom, Wife, Business Owner, and Georgie Girl’s #1 Dog Walker, that is not an option.

So… instead, I turn to my most loyal and trusted friend… the page.

writing to find answers in times of uncertainty

A recent Sunday morning writing session

Writing is where I make sense of the world, find the answers I seek, and assure the child within that she is safe.

Times of uncertainty can trigger your nervous system into fight, flight or freeze mode and make you feel unsafe.

Soothing and assuring yourself that you are safe is the first step toward feeling calmer, confident and clear-headed.

What tools do you use to feel safe?

If you want to give writing a try, I’m sharing one of my favorite writing prompts to get you started.

Don’t worry about having a special notebook, or pen. Any old scrap of paper will do.

This is an exercise about discovering what’s hiding inside of you and bringing it out into the light.

If you feel called to do so, please share your words over in the warm and welcoming Facebook Community I created. 

Go ahead, allow your truths to come to light.

I’m here if you need additional support.

a writing prompt I am afraid that...