Are You Too Busy? Take a Self-Care Slow Down

Lately, whenever I ask folks how they’re doing, the standard answer seems to be…Busy. Are you too busy, as well? Well let me invite you to take a “self-care slow down.”

Everybody is Busy

Yup. It’s that time of year again.

And we’re not even into the holiday season.

Yup I get it.

But, hang on!

Because I’m certain that in the midst of your busyness, you can find a few moments each day to get centered and quiet.

Here is The Key


You do this by noticing.

Paying attention to what’s around you.

As you’re racing through the grocery store, take a moment to slow down and stand in front of the produce and see all the magnificent colors.

As you’re folding laundry, slow down and feel the textures of the clothing on your fingers.

When in your car, notice what you’re choosing to surround yourself with – negative news that triggers your nervous system? Background music you’re barely listening to? What about an and a little aromatherapy to create your own sanctuary on wheels?

There are numerous opportunities throughout the day when you can simply slow down, notice, and be more present.

flowers and the phrase slowing down is self-care

Slowing Down is self-care.

And it doesn’t require making an appointment for a manicure, pedicure or massage.

It just requires you bringing in the awareness and choosing to be more intentional in how you move throughout your days.

Slowing down is truly a simple practice that can be deeply life changing. 

Slowing down in the antidote to our busy lives!

So the next time someone asks, How are you?

Take a moment to really notice; check in and ask yourself, How am I?

If you’re giving yourself these precious, soul-nourishing moments to slow down throughout your days, hopefully your answer will be, “Good. I’m really good.”

Then take that opportunity to sprinkle some of that magic on everyone else who needs to slow down and give themselves more moments to breathe.

Let’s be the ripples on the pond, spreading this self-care love out to those we meet throughout our days.

And notice, as you make space for these magical moments in your days, you’ll find that gratitude and appreciation flow in to fill that space.

And that is a beautiful thing, especially this time of year!

Sharing a little client love recently sent my way!

“Kasey describes herself as a Transformational Life Coach, and I would daresay that ‘Transformational’ is an understatement.”

Awww!!! I am so grateful and blessed to show up and get to do the work I do in the world!

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