Lead with your vulnerability

Lead with vulnerability

When working with coaching clients, whether to help uplift and transform their lives or bring their book to life, the theme that constantly emerges is Vulnerability.

Lead with your vulnerability, I so often say. Open your heart and share what is there. That is where the magic begins. That is where others will connect to you.

Easier said than done, I know because today it’s my turn. My turn to lead with vulnerability.

Today is my turn to speak about the sadness I’m feeling.

We took our boy to college this past weekend. I didn’t think it would be a big deal. After all, he spent all of last year on a gap year in England and now he’s just a five-hour drive away.

And yet…something is different. 

He is not here. With us. It kind of feels like a light has gone out in our home. I keep looking to replace the burned-out bulb, but it seems the entire lamp is missing.

I know it will get better. I know we’ll find our way and get used to the more dimly lit rooms and find other ways to bring in the light. But today, I’m just going to allow myself to feel all of this and lead with my vulnerability.

Today and in the coming days, I’ll practice what I preach – giving myself the self-care support I need. I’ll meditate and walk and read and rest and feed my body, soul, and mind, as I find my way down this new path.

I will allow myself to be vulnerable and receive support from others.

Which has already happened, for just as I was writing this, a dear friend and ongoing parenting mentor, happened to call. After we spoke, she sent me this –

Welcome Blessing

She advised me to have tissues. Glad I did.

So… not only do I have a kid off at college, but a daughter heading into her senior year of high school and looking for the college where she’ll end up next year. Sigh.

How can you lead with vulnerability today?