What is yoga to you?

What does yoga mean to you? A question to meditate on.

I was recently thinking about a yoga class where my teacher posed the question, “What is yoga to you?”  She wasn’t looking for any raised hands. The question was more of an offering; something to meditate upon throughout our practice.

As I began bending and twisting, I thought that yoga was just simply moving my body. Keeping it limber and flexible – stretching in response to all the driving and sitting I do.

As I kept moving, more bends and twists, my breaths grew deeper and fuller, and I could feel myself letting go of everything I’d carried in with me to class.

As I continued to bend and twist and breathe even more deeply, I felt me return to me. I felt myself remember who I was.  I felt the real me, deep inside of myself, awaken and smile up at me.

Because a lot of the time I forget. I forget the deep me hidden away inside. I’m just a busy body doing whatever it is I do.  Too busy to stop and say hello to that inner me.

I had found my answer. For me, yoga is simply… returning to me.

I didn’t raise my hand or share my answer with anyone else. I just tucked that knowledge in my pocket to know I can pull it out whenever I need a friendly nudge to get my body moving.

What about you? What is the movement that brings you back home to you? Is it a walk in nature? A run on a treadmill? Gentle movements on a mat? Maybe you’re not sure. Only one way to find out – start moving.

Because moving your body is one of the key elements in Igniting Your Magic!