a writing prompt using my new favorite phrase both are true

My New Favorite Phrase

I recently heard a particular phrase and couldn’t wait to share it with you! It’s become my new favorite phrase!

I’d certainly heard the phrase before, as most likely have you, and yet, this time it landed with a deep resonance.

It emerged from a conversation about upcoming travel, when I expressed that, yes, I felt excited, but also anxious at the same time.

To which my companion simply replied, “Yes, both are true, right?”

And I was momentarily stopped in my tracks.

Yes! Indeed! Both are true!

I didn’t have to choose!

Then I ran with it…

As I continued to encounter moments that sparked confusion and uncertainty (as most of us do throughout our days), I pulled my new favorite phrase out of my back pocket and soon felt a sense of relief and clarity.

“Both are true,” I would nearly sing to myself.

It reminded me that we don’t have to choose between one experience or another; or between one aspect of ourselves and another.

Instead, we can hold space for the complexity of emotions and experiences, acknowledging that multiple truths can coexist at the same time.

Isn’t that wonderful? And freeing? Ever so simple, and yet utterly profound?

If you’re feeling it too, consider it my gift to you. An unexpected gift I happened to received and so happily pass on to you.


A New Favorite Podcast Interview

Recently, I had the honor of being a guest on the fabulous podcast, Finding Wilder with Micayla Jean.

The conversation was deep and illuminating.

As we spoke, we explored wonderful topics like writing, motherhood, transitions, healing and so much more. It was beautiful to witness the theme of “speaking your truth” emerge over and over again.

I worked with Micayla Jean several years ago in my coaching practice, so this certainly felt like a wonderful full-circle moment.

I hope you have the chance to listen.

Finding Wilder: Universal Feelings and Healing through Transitions with Kasey Mathews

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Finally, here is the promised writing prompt!

It’s been wonderful to hear how many of you are enjoying the practice of flow writing.As always, you are welcome and encouraged to share in our community Facebook group Writing with Kasey Mathews. 

a writing prompt using my new favorite phrase both are true

The truth is…