The Power of Gateless Writing

In the fall of 2021 I discovered the power of Gateless Writing when I received my Gateless Teacher Training Certificate.

“Founded by award-winning author and book midwife, Suzanne Kingsbury, Gateless Writing is a methodology that uses creative brain science, ancient Zen, and highly-effective craft tools + resources to move you beyond the conditioned, critical mind to a place of limitless creative potential beyond.”

There is so much about Gateless that I adore, but one of the core tenants that I stood out for me is…

No Disclaiming.

In the application of writing, “No Disclaiming” means that statements like… This isn’t really my best work…I’m not sure this will makes sense…I wasn’t really in the writing mood today… are all left unspoken.

Upon first learning and putting this concept into practice, I found disclaiming words longed to jump off my tongue and undermine my work before anyone else could possibly have the chance.

This isn’t very good… I couldn’t think of anything to write… I just quickly jotted down a few thoughts…

Sitting at that teacher training prepared to share my written work for the first time, my palms were sweating, I couldn’t keep my foot still and my throat had tightened up.

But without the ability to disclaim, all I could do was share myself and my work.

Share, and in turn, be open to receive.

And what an incredibly vulnerable and life-changing experience that proved to be.

Because I realized that not only did I disclaim my writing, I was also disclaiming myself in so many other areas of my life as well!


Upon returning home from the teacher training, I started to notice all the moments throughout my day where I was disclaiming myself.

This is a new recipe I tried, but it might be awful…

I have an idea, but it’s probably stupid…

What I came to understand about this habit of disclaiming is that I was not only undermining my contributions to the world, but also blocking myself from receiving what others had to offer.

Does that resonate?

If so, here’s my invitation to you.

Notice the moments when you disclaim yourself.

As always, just notice. No judgement.

It’s natural when feeling vulnerable to try and self-protect. But play with this idea and see what happens when you resist the urge to disclaim

I’d love to hear your thoughts and feedback and if you give it a try, please let me know how it goes!

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