Peace Begins with You

With all the craziness in the world, it can feel hopeless sometimes. We all long for a more peaceful world, yet wonder what can I do? This is my story of the moment I came to learn that rather than looking out there for peace, peace begins with you. 

Our Weekend Away

The kids were still pretty little when my husband and I snuck away for a weekend retreat.

Andie was home from the hospital and finally stable after her

My sister had gotten us a discount rate at an inn in Vermont, and I’d reluctantly agreed to go.

Not wanting to leave the kids, I tried to bail out at the last minute. But my husband insisted the time away was something we really needed.

He was right.

It was a wonderful weekend, full of quiet moments of relaxation, reflection and renewal.

The Moment

But there is one moment in particular, that has stayed with me ever since.

It was Sunday morning at the end of the 8:00 am yoga class.

The teacher had led us in a final meditation, and as we all sat with legs crossed and heads bowed, she said the words that still echo in my head and heart to this day.

The Words

“Please, don’t beat yourself up,” she said. “There is already enough pain and suffering in the world without you adding to it.”

I’d gone into that weekend full of exhaustion, self-doubt and uncertainty about my role as mother, wife, friend and pretty much any and every other aspect of my life.

I felt the yoga teacher had spoken those words directly to me.

They were the words my tired and tender body, mind and soul so desperately needed to hear.

So… before I got up from that yoga mat all those years ago, I made a vow to myself…

If I want to see peace out there, I need to begin with peace in here.

woman sitting in peace near water

That is my invitation to you, Sweet Friend.

Ask yourself…

Are there moments when you beat yourself up?

As with everything I coach and teach, this is about awareness, not judgment.

Just notice.

And please remember…

Peace Begins with You.


Don’t beat yourself up. There is already enough pain and suffering in the world without you adding to it.

I would love to hear from you about the moments in your life that have had an impact. 

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