• Transformation Through Writing Workshop

    with Book-Writing & Transformational Life Coach
    Kasey Mathews

An Afternoon Writing Retreat

The Workshop

A powerful combination of Transformational Life and Book Coaching and a rare opportunity to gain access to Kasey’s intuitive coaching practice. Together we utilize the collective energy of the group and your writing, to discover and uncover the blocks and beliefs that blanket your light from shining to its fullness.

My Invitation

As a Certified Gateless Writing Instructor you will be held in a safe, intimate setting enabling you to connect with the page and yourself in deep and profound ways. Join me from the comfort of your own home, cozied up in your favorite spot, dressed in comfy duds, a mug of tea nearby, surrounded by an intimate group of loving souls.

All you need is pen, paper or your favorite writing device and an open heart and mind.

Join Me…

The workshop is designed for writers of all skills and levels, and for anyone who simply has a desire to bring words to the page and experience breakthroughs in the process.

In the workshop, you will be guided through exercises intentionally designed to fuel your inner-flame and keep it glowing from within. We’ve all been through a long couple of years. In times of darkness, your light within offers strength, clarity, certainty, solace and joy for yourself, and in turn, others. There are a myriad of ways to ignite the light within, yet I’ve repeatedly witnessed writing as a powerful, direct and transformative tool.

My individual 1:1 coaching is usually my primary focus, yet I have found this to be an inviting and intimate way to access my coaching practice at an affordable price.

When and Where?

Tuesday, March 1st, 2022


1:00 – 4:30 pm EST


Please note: Class size limited to 8 

How Do I Sign Up?

Follow the link below to be taken to the signup form and make your secure payment.

Feedback from Previous Workshop Participants…

“I felt very safe, supported, comfortable, heard, and completely fascinated that a group of people I’d never met before could connect so quickly on such deep levels.”

“I loved the workshop structure, organization, big heart exercise, and the sense of deep trust that unfolded.”

“Spending a few hours with such like-minded people was incredible. I’m still amazed by how much I learned about myself in a short time.”

“The perfect number of 8 women facilitated a willingness to be open and intimate… the group that came together was magical.” 

“I loved listening to the different kinds of feedback everyone had for everyone’s writing, and the kind support that was offered was heartwarming and felt really nourishing.”

“I feel grateful for the perspectives and insights that are still coming to me as I reflect on the workshop.”

“I would absolutely take another workshop with Kasey!  She is so intuitive and guided and amazing. I just love working with her and being part of what she is creating!”

Who is Kasey Mathews?

Hello! I am a mother of two, a writer, speaker, Book-Writing and Transformational Life Coach and the author of two award winning books, Preemie: Lessons in Love, Life and Motherhood and A Mom’s Guide to Creating a Magical Life. I have a Masters degree in Education from Boston College, I’m a Certified Gateless Writing Teacher*, Happiness Trainer, Reiki Master, and have advanced training in Ancestral Clearing and Energy Codes. One of my life’s greatest joys is inspiring both children and adults in the joy and transformative nature of writing. You can find out more about me and my work on my website www.kaseymathews.com

I am so excited to write with you! 

*”Gateless Writing is a methodology that uses creative brain science, ancient Zen, and highly-effective craft tools + resources to move writers beyond the conditioned, critical mind to a place of limitless creative potential.” 

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What happens when we talk?

  • We'll take a few moments to center and connect
  • You'll have the opportunity to describe the life of your dreams in vivid detail
  • We'll look at where you are now and what blocks, beliefs and struggles are keeping you from living your dream life
  • I'll explain how I work with clients and you can ask any questions
  • You'll leave feeling inspired and energized, having gained clarity on your future regardless of whether we choose to work together
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