What is The Usual Magic?



I truly believe Magic is all around us, available to us, all the time. We, however, have to be willing to see it. Our job is to open our eyes and allow Magic to be seen and recognized. Even if you don’t think you’ve ever seen or experienced magic in your life before, I bet you have without even realizing it.

Ever thought of an old friend and a day or two later the phone rang and it was her? Ever walked into a store only to see the exact size chair/table/stool/sofa/fill in the blank, you’d been searching for and there it was AND it was on clearance? Ever rush off to the grocery store feeling out of sorts and have the cashier tell you how your jacket really brings out the color in your eyes? That’s the Magic!

And once you discover it’s there, it’s time to start playing, inviting and welcoming Magic into your life.

If you haven’t yet downloaded my Free Guide on Creating a Magical Life, that’s a perfect place to start!

Have fun and keep me posted on what you discover!