How to Feel Better Now

Are You Ready to Feel Better Now?

Feel Better now with a nap or book

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When our daughter was little, there were times when she was so out of sorts, I felt helpless in helping her.

One day, I opened up to a friend and shared this with her. In return, she offered the suggestion of asking our girl the simple question – What do you need?

That question became my magical go-to.

I remember the numerous times I knelt down, put my hands on her bony shoulders, and asked her, What do you need?

Often, she didn’t know, but the fact that I cared to ask and listen, seemed to be exactly what she needed.

I offer this to you today, because so often many of us find ourselves in times of uncertainty and feeling out of sorts.

This is an opportunity to ask ourselves this very question– What do I need?

And in response, just listen.

Let your voice from within tell you what you need.

Maybe you’ll hear:



A bath.

A good cry.

A long walk.

A cup of tea with a friend.

A turkey sandwich with lots of cranberry.

A romantic comedy.

Delicious takeout from my favorite restaurant.

A pillow to punch and get out my frustrations.

Are You Ready to Feel Better Now?

Ready to ask yourself that magical question?

Go ahead. It’s your turn.

Ask yourself – What do I need?

Write down the first things you just heard and then get ready to feel better now.

Sometimes we question what emerges on that list, but trust yourself and just listen and write. Often the answers are a bit surprising, but our body, mind and spirit has so much wisdom. When we want to feel better now, sometimes we just need to get out of our own way and let that happen! So, what do you need?

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