How to Reclaim Your Power

strong woman standing on mountain reclaiming her power

Photo credit thanks to Samuel Scrimshaw

Are You Ready to Reclaim Your Power? 

What a year it has been, eh?

The year many have called the worst year ever.

And for many it truly has been.

Yet as hard as it’s been for everyone, it’s like we’ve all gotten in collective agreement and declared 2020 the worst year ever, and in doing so, given our power away to the year.

I remember when Andie was about 8 months old. She still had one final surgery and I was terrified about her going back into the hospital. So terrified that at one point I ended up in the ER with what appeared to be either a heart attack or a stroke. It turned out to be a panic attack. What was really going on was that the surgeon refused to schedule a surgery date and there was this looming unknown out in the future wreaking havoc on my life.

“Why don’t you call another surgeon?” several people asked. To which I would simply shake my head.

It was to my Aunt Mimi, through the phone line, that I quietly whispered the real reason. “They all know each other. What if the first doctor is offended and curses us and Andie doesn’t make it.”

With that truth spoken aloud, my Aunt would say in return, “Kase, you’ve given all your power away to that doctor.”

As soon as she said it, I felt something shift deep within my belly. I looked over at Andie in her bouncy seat and felt myself sit up a little taller.

With my Aunt’s coaching and script in hand, I called the original surgeon’s office and once again asked for a surgery date. I was told, once again, we’d have to wait. Upon hanging up the phone, I drew in a deep breath and called the office of the surgeon several doors down the hall of Children’s Hospital. I left a message with the receptionist requesting a surgical consultation. She told me she’d call back shortly with possible dates.

Five minutes later, my phone rang back. But it was not that receptionist calling back with dates. It was the office of the original surgeon calling back. Amazingly, a surgical date had just opened up. Imagine that.

I wish you could have seen me on that day. How I went from a scared mom of a fragile child, to a strong woman standing in her power. (We did end up going with that original surgeon, but on our terms and as our choice.)

We all have choice.

You can look back upon this year as the worst year ever.

Give it all your power and just call it a wash.

Or you can shift your perspective and Reclaim Your Power.

You can look back upon 2020 as the year you learned to…

…slow down, reconnect with old friends, discover hidden talents, creativity, patience, acts of kindness…

That’s my invitation to you as you finish out this year.

To Reclaim Your Power!

Finish this year knowing how strong, capable and truly amazing you are. Harness that energy and allow it to sink down into you and become a part of who you are.

So as the calendar changes into a new year, with each new moment, in each new day, you stand in your power knowing You Got This.

I truly believe you do.

We all do.

​May your days be merry and bright, and of course, full of Magic!

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