Is a Life Coach Worth It?

If you’re trying to decide if a life coach is worth it, perhaps this story from one of my recent client’s will help you decide!!!

a woman after working with a transformational life coach

Why I Chose to Work with a Life Coach

My entire life, I’ve been pivoting and changing from one thing to another.

When I started my business, I lacked any sort of direction, clarity, or sense of what I was truly good at.

In addition to rolling with whatever punches came my way, I was a glorified doormat for my clients, guilty of chronically undercharging, and feeling depleted because of my lack of boundaries. 

Ironically, I would’ve told you my self-care was impeccable! 

I had a therapist, I had friends, I’d worked with a business coach, but I knew I needed a different kind of help. 

I’d heard amazing things about Kasey Mathews from a friend who experienced her work as a Transformational Life Coach.

I watched all of the growth happening for my friend and spied enviously as she masterfully established boundaries with her own clients. I saw how she created self-care routines and habits that felt good to her.

As I cheered her on, I saw her vision grow and gain momentum, while simultaneously I was spinning my wheels wishing I could have those same successes.

My world was grey, my life was fine, but I knew something was missing.

I knew I was meant for more.  

After the initial Discovery Call with Kasey, I was sold.

She asked me to imagine myself in a Field of Possibility and envision a magic wand creating a world where I could have anything I like.

At first, I was frustrated because I didn’t know what that thing was, and I didn’t believe I could create the life of my dreams. But Kasey has a way of helping you to uncover what it is that’s lying underneath the surface.

She brings to light the difference between what you think you want, what others think you should have, do, be, and what YOU really want. 

And more importantly, she helps you to remove the limiting beliefs that stand in the way of moving towards what you want. So that true transformation and change can happen. 

My business and life look very different now.

The actual blueprint of my business is entirely different, with new clients and a clear direction and path. I’ve accepted my gifts and have been able to see for myself traits that I can tap into to truly help and support others in their growth as well through my work. 

Working with Kasey has: 

  • Improved my client and working relationships 
  • Grown my confidence 
  • Helped me to create self-care routines and habits that matter and feel right for ME
  • Show up more fully and present to my life and relationships
  • Helped me to find my voice in my personal and professional life 
  • Transformed my ability to own and share my truth 
  • Given me a completely different lens through which to view life

If you’re struggling with self-esteem, a relationship with your partner, knowing what to do with your business, getting clarity and direction, making the positive changes you know you need in life, and creating the life that YOU want to be living, I recommend working with Kasey Mathews as a Life Coach

The world and YOU are waiting for YOU. 

Does that help you decide if a life coach is worth it?

I am so truly humbled and grateful for those words. My client runs a very successful female-owned and female-run company and preferred not to have her name listed here, as she’d rather keep this part of her life quiet. Rest assured, all work with me is entirely confidential.

If you’re considering working with a Transformational Life Coach, I will happily offer you a complimentary, 45-minute Discovery Session. You can learn what the session will be like and schedule here – Magical Living Discovery Session.

And you can find testimonials from other client’s here – Client Testimonials.


I do this work because I know and believe the world needs strong, women leaders who are willing to stand up and share their gifts with the world.

Life Coaching is meant for all women – those who stay at home to raise their kids, run their own business, in or out of the home, work 9-5, share and spread their light through volunteer work or are in the process of discovering what their wanting to do in life.

When you live a life that you love, your light and energy radiate out from you and uplift and energize everyone in your world, which how you, as one individual, has the power to positively change the world!

So you tell me, do you think a life coach is worth it?