Awaken Your Magic…

Every day I consciously look for moments of magic in the midst of my often busy, sometimes crazy days. I hope my moments inspire you to look for your own…

photo of phrase "The Story I'm telling myself is..."

The Story I’m Telling Myself Is…

Is there a story you’re telling yourself? The story I’m telling myself is… We all do it, right? We tell ourselves stories in our own heads. A moment happens, and […]

a woman holding a notebook for writing

Goodbye to the Year

Here we are, saying goodbye to the year. And looking forward to the year to come. I encourage you to find moments of quiet that allow for reflection upon the […]

a dog smiling

The Importance of Smiling

I believe the importance of smiling has never been greater than with all that’s happening in the world. I’m tired of bad news. Everyone in my life feels the same […]

a mother holding a premature baby in honor of world prematurity day

World Prematurity Day

It’s World Prematurity Day. As you can imagine, this day in honor of prematurity awareness is near and dear to my heart. With Andie turning 21 this month, it’s especially […]

empty hangers in a newly cleaned out closet

How to Feel Better About Yourself

Ready to feel better about yourself? It’s simpler than you may imagine! My Trick for Feeling Better about Myself As a Transformational Life Coach, it is important to me to […]

woman with head out care window driving down smooth road after changes

Overcoming the Challenge of Change

It’s inevitable. As we move through life we encounter change. Yet there is a simple key to overcoming the challenge of change and not becoming resistant and falling victim to […]

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