How to Reclaim Your Power

strong woman standing on mountain reclaiming her power

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Are You Ready to Reclaim Your Power? 

What a year it has been, eh?

The year many have called the worst year ever.

And for many it truly has been.

Yet as hard as it’s been for everyone, it’s like we’ve all gotten in collective agreement and declared 2020 the worst year ever, and in doing so, given our power away to the year.

I remember when Andie was about 8 months old. She still had one final surgery and I was terrified about her going back into the hospital. So terrified that at one point I ended up in the ER with what appeared to be either a heart attack or a stroke. It turned out to be a panic attack. What was really going on was that the surgeon refused to schedule a surgery date and there was this looming unknown out in the future wreaking havoc on my life.

“Why don’t you call another surgeon?” several people asked. To which I would simply shake my head.

It was to my Aunt Mimi, through the phone line, that I quietly whispered the real reason. “They all know each other. What if the first doctor is offended and curses us and Andie doesn’t make it.”

With that truth spoken aloud, my Aunt would say in return, “Kase, you’ve given all your power away to that doctor.”

As soon as she said it, I felt something shift deep within my belly. I looked over at Andie in her bouncy seat and felt myself sit up a little taller.

With my Aunt’s coaching and script in hand, I called the original surgeon’s office and once again asked for a surgery date. I was told, once again, we’d have to wait. Upon hanging up the phone, I drew in a deep breath and called the office of the surgeon several doors down the hall of Children’s Hospital. I left a message with the receptionist requesting a surgical consultation. She told me she’d call back shortly with possible dates.

Five minutes later, my phone rang back. But it was not that receptionist calling back with dates. It was the office of the original surgeon calling back. Amazingly, a surgical date had just opened up. Imagine that.

I wish you could have seen me on that day. How I went from a scared mom of a fragile child, to a strong woman standing in her power. (We did end up going with that original surgeon, but on our terms and as our choice.)

We all have choice.

You can look back upon this year as the worst year ever.

Give it all your power and just call it a wash.

Or you can shift your perspective and Reclaim Your Power.

You can look back upon 2020 as the year you learned to…

…slow down, reconnect with old friends, discover hidden talents, creativity, patience, acts of kindness…

That’s my invitation to you as you finish out this year.

To Reclaim Your Power!

Finish this year knowing how strong, capable and truly amazing you are. Harness that energy and allow it to sink down into you and become a part of who you are.

So as the calendar changes into a new year, with each new moment, in each new day, you stand in your power knowing You Got This.

I truly believe you do.

We all do.

​May your days be merry and bright, and of course, full of Magic!

If Reclaiming Your Power means making a commitment to yourself in the coming year, I’d love to be your guide on that journey. Schedule a Free Discovery Session or learn more about my coaching and what others have to say here – Coaching with Kasey  


How to Feel Better Now

Are You Ready to Feel Better Now?

Feel Better now with a nap or book

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When our daughter was little, there were times when she was so out of sorts, I felt helpless in helping her.

One day, I opened up to a friend and shared this with her. In return, she offered the suggestion of asking our girl the simple question – What do you need?

That question became my magical go-to.

I remember the numerous times I knelt down, put my hands on her bony shoulders, and asked her, What do you need?

Often, she didn’t know, but the fact that I cared to ask and listen, seemed to be exactly what she needed.

I offer this to you today, because so often many of us find ourselves in times of uncertainty and feeling out of sorts.

This is an opportunity to ask ourselves this very question– What do I need?

And in response, just listen.

Let your voice from within tell you what you need.

Maybe you’ll hear:



A bath.

A good cry.

A long walk.

A cup of tea with a friend.

A turkey sandwich with lots of cranberry.

A romantic comedy.

Delicious takeout from my favorite restaurant.

A pillow to punch and get out my frustrations.

Are You Ready to Feel Better Now?

Ready to ask yourself that magical question?

Go ahead. It’s your turn.

Ask yourself – What do I need?

Write down the first things you just heard and then get ready to feel better now.

Sometimes we question what emerges on that list, but trust yourself and just listen and write. Often the answers are a bit surprising, but our body, mind and spirit has so much wisdom. When we want to feel better now, sometimes we just need to get out of our own way and let that happen! So, what do you need?

If this post resonates with you, you’ll probably love this one! The Story I’m Telling Myself Is…

Time to Speak Your Truth?

Just about twenty years ago our daughter Andie arrived in the world, three months before she was meant to be born.

I chronicled the entire journey in my memoir, Preemie.

One chapter that stood out for so many readers was when I introduced the first doctor we’d see after Andie’s three month hospital stay. Readers were outraged and wanted to hun

t that doctor down to give him a piece of their minds and urged me to do the same.

Ultimately, I ended up writing a letter to that doctor. A letter I never sent. Because that letter wasn’t really for him, it was for me. For me any one else who has ever been made to feel less than, afraid and uncertain.

Dear Pediatrician,

I wonder if you remember me?

We met almost twenty years ago?

I was the one with that really preemie baby.


She had an ostomy bag and a scar on her back from her heart/lung surgery?

I carried her in a soft pink fleece and was a little shaky having just brought her home from the NICU?

Do you remember me?

Well, I remember you.

I remember your charcoal-colored cashmere sweater and matching thick-framed glasses.

I remember the glossy photo of your three beautiful children hanging on your office wall.

I remember the shiny silver pen you used to record your notes and how you never looked up when you said my daughter would always be small.

I remember you did look up when I said, “No,” and how I had to explain that I meant No, she wouldn’t always be small.

I remembered how you chuckled, and mumbled something about me being in denial.

But I remember knowing that I was not in denial.

I remember the deep knowing I felt within my being – the knowing that my girl would not meet your expectations, but her own and the expectations of those who loved and believed in her.

I remember wondering about the other parents you might meet and what would happen if they believed Your Truth.

I remember promising myself that someday I would tell you just how wrong you were.

Well, that someday has arrived.

My daughter, her name is Andie, in case you don’t remember, is turning 20 next week and is currently 5 feet 10 inches tall and an amazing young woman.

I promised myself I’d tell you just how wrong you were, but instead, I think I’ll just say… Thank you.

Thank you for your certainty in all the things our daughter would not be and your certainty in all the things she could not do, because without your certainty, perhaps I would never have found mine.

Thank you, dear doctor, from all the parents in the world who’ve ever been told what their child is not, so they can believe in everything their child is.


Today is National Prematurity Awareness Day.

Please pass this along to anyone you believe it may help, and I’d love to hear any of your experiences around the power of forgiveness and speaking your truth, or if it’s something you’re struggling with yourself.


Relieve Anxiety Naturally

Quiet woods with a trail that's perfect for a walk to relieve anxiety naturally

Photo by Dave Hoefler on Unsplash

Ways to Relieve Anxiety Naturally: Simple Anxiety Relief Techniques

Boy, there’s a lot happening in the world right now, hey? It’s no wonder so many of us are looking for ways to relieve anxiety naturally.

Years ago, as a new Mom (I always capitalize!) of two young children, one medically fragile, I dealt with anxiety on a pretty deep level.

It got to a point where something had to give, and I ended up creating what I’d later call my Anti-Anxiety Go-To List. It’s still my go-to list of simple ways to relieve anxiety even years later.

I’ve heard from enough of you to know that I’m not alone in dealing with this issue right now. If you’re like me, and seeking solutions to turn down the volume when life tilts toward too much, I hope you find this helpful. (If you’re at a place where normal, everyday functioning is being affected, please seek medical care.)

If any of the ways to relieve anxiety below resonate, try them out and see what works for you. I’d love to hear!

Ways to Relieve Anxiety Naturally

  1. Recognize and acknowledge that you’re anxious. You can’t really deal with anxiety or find anxiety relief, if you don’t know you’re anxious, right?
  2. Say it out loud. I’m anxious. Say it again. I’m anxious. Let out a big exhale. Say it again. As many times as feels right to you and you feel your breath return. When we bring what’s hidden down in the dark to light, it loses its power. This is one of the fastest ways to relieve anxiety – or at least start the process.
  3. Drink water. Lots of it. Remember your body is an energy circuit and energy flows best and freely through water.
  4. Recall what you’ve eaten, or not. Hmmm, it’s 11am and I’ve had two cups of coffee and a half a gluten-free peanut butter cookie. Is it time to feed yourself? Preferably some protein. (On a side note, since discovering a gluten allergy eight years ago and cutting out all wheat products, the level and frequency of my anxiety decreased significantly. If you’re struggling to find natural anxiety relief, be sure to look at what foods could be a trigger!)
  5. Look back on the night before. How many glasses of wine did I drink? Is that pit in my stomach like I felt last time I poured one too many?
  6. Nap. Speaking of last night, what time did I go to bed? Oh man, a 20-minute lie down would do me wonders. What about you?
  7. Close your laptop. Set down your phone. How long have you been sitting in front of your computer? When was the last time you looked down at your hand and didn’t see your phone resting there? While you’re at it, shut off all the beeping notifications and other sounds! There’s nothing like a little screen-free time to relieve anxiety and stress.
  8. Move your body. Walk. Get Outside. Don’t worry about how far, just move and release what’s built up on the inside! Movement – especially outdoors – is one of the best ways to relieve anxiety naturally.
  9. Write. This step is key for me. Once I begin writing, once my pencil touches paper and words begin to flow, I no longer carry all the unease around. I never know from one time to the next what form this will take, maybe a list, maybe a bunch of jumbled words on a page or formed paragraphs, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that the page holds the worries and they’re no longer inside of me mucking up the works.
  10. Soul-Soothing Music – Lately I’ll put on a piece of Pachelbel and feel my pulse slow down and my mind clear. What music helps you relax and helps you relieve anxiety and stress?
  11. Warmth – Envelop yourself in a blanket or wrap a scarf around your neck. Put on an extra sweater. The cozy feeling of warmth always makes me feel more safe and secure.
  12. Meditation – Sit, breathe and get centered. How you do that is up to you. I love this guided meditation but there are many different anxiety relief meditation options out there.
  13. Self Care – Reiki. An epsom salt bath. A social-distance walk with a friend. All of these are simple ways to relieve anxiety. What feels good to you?
  14. Other Alternatives – Rescue Remedy, CBD, Aromatherapy, Essential Oils. Do a little research. Talk to friends and family and ask what’s worked for them. Let’s get the conversation started! I bet there’s more people in your life who have come up with their own ways to relieve anxiety than you might think!
  15. Get Organized – This is a recent addition to my list and came as a bit of a surprise. While enlisting all my known anxiety relief techniques, I discovered that for me a lack of order is quite anxiety inducing. I came to recognize that things like clutter on the counter or piles of unopened mail, can induce lots of stress.
  16. Is it Yours? Finally, be sure to recognize whether the anxiety you’re carrying around is actually yours! It’s not unusual to take on the angst of others in our lives.

Most importantly, I remind myself of my favorite quote by Eckartt Tolle and allow it to play in my head on repeat:

“And this too shall pass.”

It always does, doesn’t it?

What about you? How do you manage your anxiety? Do you have any favorite ways to relieve anxiety naturally?

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Magical Moment: The Story I’m Telling Myself

I have a question for you?

Is there a not-so-nice sentence or phrase you repeatedly say to yourself, or about yourself? Something that you just casually put out there without thinking a whole lot about it? Something like – I’m such a klutz…or I’m an idiot…or I have the worst luck…or Here we go again…or What have I done now?

For years, mine was always – I’m so disorganized.

Over and over, I’d tell myself and anyone who’d listen, I’m so disorganized and then laugh and list off all my latest blunders to prove my point.

Kid’s school lunches left on the counter… Missed bill payments… Lost paperwork…Doctors calling to ask why I missed an appointment.

For years, I spun in circles chasing after an elusive feeling of organization that somehow seemed just beyond my grasp.

Until the day a new friend stopped by to visit.

We were standing at my kitchen island, and I casually waved my hand around and said as usual, I’m totally disorganized.

She stood quietly for a moment and looked down at the long, wooden kitchen island and then around at the rest of the kitchen and said, You look pretty organized to me.

I was about to tell her how mistaken she was, but something stopped me, and for a brief moment I paused just long enough to look around and see my house through her eyes.

To my surprise, I was looking at a pretty orderly space. If we’d started opening drawers and closets it would have been a different story, but for the most part, things looked pretty darn organized.

Photo credit Jessica Lewis

What the heck?

After my friend left, I slowly walked through the entire house, room by room, just noticing. It wasn’t going to win any awards, but for the most part, it was an organized house.

In the office, I opened one of the file cabinets. Manila folders lined up in an orderly fashion with labels affixed to each one. There was a pile of papers on top of the desk that needed to be filed, but still, there was a system in place to do so.

I remember standing all alone in the office and laughing to myself, then saying out loud, “I’m actually pretty organized.”

I’d told myself that disorganization story so often and so repeatedly, it had become a belief. Not only that, it was a belief I was putting out into the world, and I was unintentionally making sure I was proving myself right!

Back in that moment, I’d made a decision; a pledge of sorts. I will never, ever again say I’m disorganized. Or, in fact, make any other negative statements about myself.

What I had come to understand was that I was unintentionally creating exactly what I did not want to see in my life.

Do you ever do that? Without even realizing it? Put out the energetic energy of what you don’t want to attract into your life?

I’m such a klutz. I’m such an idiot. I have the worst luck. I’m terrible with money. Nothing ever works out for me. I’m so disorganized.

I remind myself, and my coaching clients, to remember that when we have limiting beliefs, we’re unconsciously setting everything up around ourselves to prove ourselves right. What we put out into the world, reflects back to us and becomes the world we see around us. In other words, We’re creating our own reality.

So what does it look like when we’re mindful of the language we use?

I’m getting more and more organized every day.

I’m conscious and mindful of how I move my body through my days.

Good love, energy, and opportunities are coming my way.

Your turn.

Start to notice. Where and when you do undermine yourself? No judgement. Just bring in awareness and see if you can turn that not so helpful thought around into a positive.

I’m here if you need any help!

Photo by Nicholas Sampson

Are You Ready to Dream Big?

What’s your deepest desire? Do you dare say it out loud? Or do you worry what people will think?

What if I were to tell you there’s so much more in store for your life? What if you opened yourself up to the possibility that you CAN have your deepest desire?

What if you gave yourself permission to allow yourself to dream big? Dream MUCH bigger than you’ve ever allowed yourself to dream before? If you need help to see the endless possibilities in store for you, I’d love to connect and have a conversation about where you currently are and help you paint the picture of where you’re dreaming to go.

Shoot me an email and we can set up a time to talk,

or book an online appointment HERE.



Magical Moment: Bad News?

I’ve been hearing from many of you lately that you’re feeling pretty tired.

Tired of isolation.

Tired of disruption.

Tired of bad news.

Tired of uncertainty.

Tired of… You fill the blank.

Yes, it’s a lot. And it’s exhausting… If we let it be.

Because in the midst of adversity there is opportunity. Opportunity to remind ourselves that we have choice.

The question is ~ Where does that choice exist?

We may not have the choice to go to work every day, or look for a new job, or fix our children breakfast and pack their lunches and get them ready for whatever version of school is happening that day, but we do have choice in the moments in between.

Are you taking time each day to move your body? I’m not talking an intense workout program (unless that’s your thing). How about a walk just a few doors down? Or simply standing on the front porch and allowing the sun to shine on your cheeks?

Are you choosing to fill a water glass or bottle and keep yourself hydrated throughout the day?

How about choosing to go to bed a little bit earlier so your tired body gets more of the sleep it needs?

Or wake up a few minutes earlier in the morning and sit in quiet meditation?

Where else can you find choice in your life?

Photo Credit: Debby Hudson @ Unsplash

I recently discovered a meditation that became a way to bring more light into the darkness I was experiencing. The recording addressed the fact that most of us are so focused on the bad news and negativity were hearing, we overlook all the positive that exists in our lives.

It takes but a few moments to remember all that is good, but the impact of the practice is profound. By remembering all that we love, and speaking those words out loud or writing them down or sharing them with a friend, we choose to let in the light and shift our perspective, which ultimately has a positive effect on the rest of the world.

What do you think? Are you willing to try?

I invite you to allow in a bit of light to shine in on those dark places.

Listen here ~​


I love…

…the sound of a pencil moving across the page

…the coconut cream foam on top of my morning coffee

…the play of light on Georgie’s whiskers in the afternoon sun

…our kitty Lulu curled up on the end of Andie’s bed

…the moss on the big rock just inside the woods

…the fall leaves changing color

What do YOU love?

I can’t wait to hear?



Magical Moment: Finding Away

I’m writing to you from the windy, white sandy beach of Cape Cod.

This was an unplanned vacation, rather it came from a place of Inspired Action.

August was a time of deep connection for our family and my Mama Heart was singing with joy.

Then the calendar turned the page toward fall, the light of days grew a bit shorter, and I watched our beautiful children depart as they began their new journeys in their lives – away from me.

My Mama Heart felt a deep mixture of excitement for them and sadness, loss and longing for myself.

There was a strong temptation to fill my days with things that would keep me busy, i.e. distracted from the grief  I was feeling. The other option – Door #2, that I’ve avoided for so many years, was to really feel what I was feeling.

So feeling I am. Which is what brought me, and Georgie Girl, to this tiny little studio cottage on the beach in Truro, Mass, with my notebooks, sharpened pencils, and an openness and willingness to surrender to whatever may emerge.

Perhaps I may even get a glimpse as to what New Beginnings are in store.

I’m curious about you.

What has this change in season meant for you?

What are you noticing? Feeling?

As always, I’m so grateful when you share your thoughts and musings.

I’m sending you tons of love.


In the meantime…

I had the honor of being a guest on amazing podcast called Grace and Growth.​

We went really deep and had amazing conversation about Anxiety, Speaking Your Truth, Taking Back Your Power, Boundaries, Limiting Beliefs and so much more.

You can listen HERE or wherever you get your podcasts.

I really hope you’ll have a listen, and if you like what you hear, please share with those you feel would benefit.

From my heart to yours,


Magical Moment: Simplicity

Have you ever noticed that sometimes it’s the simplest moments that feel so profound?

Just last week, simply wandering the berry patches of a dear friend’s farm with my daughter, was pure Magic.

No agenda. No plan. But the conversation and connection were wonderful.

I often need to remind myself that there’s no need to PLAN for these moments, but rather to simply ALLOW for them to arrive.

When we slow down and are just available and present, MAGIC can really happen.

Know what I mean?

Any magical moments from your world to share?

To share, post over on the Facebook Page!

I can’t wait to hear!

Boy do we need ‘em these days, right?

Magical Moment: Mamas

Sweet Friend, it’s Mama’s Day on Sunday!

Have you done anything yet?

My brother, sister and I have for our own Mama, but I can’t say because she reads this newsletter!

Of course I have to promote and encourage you to send your Mom, and every Mama out there, my Mom’s Guide to Creating a Magical Life. It was made for this moment! Full of stories, exercises and ideas that encourage Moms to put themselves first for a change! One swipe of the keyboard and it can be in Mom’s mailbox by the weekend!

(Btw if you’re a grammar freak like me, I know the words Mom, Mama and Mother are not meant to be capitalized, but I do anyway because those words are too important not to! Agree?)

Many of you are Mamas, so what’s the plan for YOU this Sunday?

If you’re saying to yourself…

Oh, I’ll just wait and see what my hubby and kids come up with…

I encourage (beg) you to be a little more proactive than that!

Look, I love a plate of sticky, syrupy gluten-free pancakes in bed as much as the next Mama, but we’ve had a lot on our plate these days, and I don’t know about you (actually I think I do!) but I really need a break. If it takes a Hallmark holiday to get it, I’m going to claim it and milk it for all it’s worth ’cause come Monday, it’ll be back to three meals a day and lots of dishes.

So…the day is yours! What ‘cha thinking?

Hang on! Did I just hear you think, What would be fun for the kids?

No, Mama! What would be fun for you????

How about…

Sleeping till noon?

A morning movie in bed?

A quiet walk?

A family drive in the countryside with Bach streaming through the speakers?

A picnic lunch in a quiet park?

Your Day, Your Choice!

And for those of you that still need the reminder – Taking care of you is not selfish. The more you fill up your own cup, the more you have to share with others. Right?

Ok, this was a ball!!

I love this woman, Emily Aborn! She is a total dynamo! When she asked me to be on her podcast, I was beyond honored and excited!

I adored our conversation, and I know you will too!

There is a wonderful surprise for listeners – I created a brand new giveaway that you’re going to want to grab asap (especially these days!).

She Built This Podcast Interview

OK, Sweet Friend. Be well. Take good care of YOU. And please remember, I am here if you need support!

With love and blessings,


Magical Moment: Good News

Hi Sweet Friend!

Last week I shared the newspaper article about my decision to give my books away to local moms.

Here is a quick video of the Magical Moment that followed as a result.

It totally made my heart sing, and I hope it does the same for you!

Book Giveaway Magical Moment

May your day be full of little moments of joy, peace, wellness, and of course, Magic.

Love and Blessings,