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Enjoy Your Life Now

If there is anything we’ve learned from the past two years experiencing a global pandemic is that we should enjoy life in the here and now. Why wait for someday when we now know how easily those somedays can be taken away? Stop Putting Everything off till Someday Fourteen years ago, when we found that […]

Too Much Stuff, Not Enough Space

Are you also dealing with too much stuff and not enough space in your house these days? Is all that “stuff” weighing you down and keeping you from enjoying the Magic in your life? Fear not, my friend! I have a quick, easy and fun solution to help you clear all that clutter from your […]

Embrace Aging and Enjoy Life More

Aging has been on my mind lately. I’ve been thinking a lot about how to embrace aging and fully and truly enjoy life more at every age and stage. Most often I publish my written pieces here on the blog, yet I was thrilled to have an article called, On Vanity and Vulnerability, in which […]

An Alternative Word for Decluttering

It’s that time of year again when folks are starting to talk about decluttering their homes. But I always get stuck on the word “decluttering” and like to use an alternative word instead. An Alternative Word for Decluttering Instead, I prefer the term “Creating Space”, not wanting to unintentionally invite clutter in with the decluttering!  […]

The Story I’m Telling Myself Is…

Is there a story you’re telling yourself? The story I’m telling myself is… We all do it, right? We tell ourselves stories in our own heads. A moment happens, and you fill in the blank and tell yourself the rest of the story. A story that may be far from the truth, but this filling […]

Goodbye to the Year

Here we are, saying goodbye to the year. And looking forward to the year to come. I encourage you to find moments of quiet that allow for reflection upon the previous year… … and take the time to set your intentions for the year to come. Questions to Ask What will 2022 look like for […]

The Importance of Smiling

I believe the importance of smiling has never been greater than with all that’s happening in the world. I’m tired of bad news. Everyone in my life feels the same way. What about you? How about today we take a break from all that with a story? A Story to Illustrate the Importance of Smiling […]

World Prematurity Day

It’s World Prematurity Day. As you can imagine, this day in honor of prematurity awareness is near and dear to my heart. With Andie turning 21 this month, it’s especially poignant this year! Recently I was visiting a dear friend in her new home in Plymouth, Massachusetts. As we drove the rural roads visiting farm […]