The Importance of Rest

After my recent laments about my children leaving the nest, I soon became aware deeply aware importance of rest in my life.

I heard from many other women going through the same journey. Their wisdom, kindness, and assurances that I am not alone, were exactly what my aching mama-heart needed to hear.

Time for My Four Rs

It also became clear that it was a time that called for deep reflection, rest, recovery, and renewal – what I came to call, My Four Rs!

But those Four Rs – reflection, rest, recovery, and renewal, did not come easily for me.

Because rather than sit with the complexity of feelings and emotions that had emerged after the kids left, I instead, longed to just keep myself busy.

“Come on,” I said to myself. “With the kids gone it’s the perfect opportunity to clean out closets! And what a great chance to purge and reorganize the food pantry! And of course the fridge and basement chest freezer could desperately use your energy and attention!”

But that’s the thing; as much as all those tasks needed to be done, I simply didn’t have the energy to take them, or anything else, on.

I simply needed to rest.

My body, my mind and my soul all needed to rest.

So rather than getting busy, I instead allowed myself to slow down and move into this new rhythm of my days with lots of love and deep self-care.

Time for Self-Care

Self-care for me has looked like lots of rest, plus bundled up walks in the woods, books, blankets and tea on the couch, and of course, my old, faithful friend, writing.

I’ve gotten into the practice of daily “flow writing,” which I learned from one of my favorite meditation teachers Sarah Blondin.

Flow writing involves setting a timer for 10 minutes and not letting my pen (or in my case, my trusty #2 pencil) leave the page. Even when no words are emerging, I simply write something like… No words are emerging, over and over until they do.

Want to give it a go?

This is not an official writing challenge, but an offering of sorts for you to try on and see how it fits.

I personally have been doing this is a part of my daily practice and find that the practice leaves me feeling grounded and center throughout the day that follows.

So if the idea of flow writing has piqued your interest, here is a writing prompt to get you started ~ When I listen to my heart I hear…

If you’d like to share the writing that emerges for you, please visit the Facebook Group ~ Writing with Kasey Mathews ~ where a wonderful and supportive community has gathered.




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