How to Slow Down Time

Have you ever wondered how to slow down time?

Many people do!

As you’ll see, sometimes slowing down time requires a little magic…

My story of learning how to slow down time…

began back in March when our son came home for a visit.

I was bubbling with excitement over his visit and wanted to savor every moment of his time at home.

Under the “Intention” category on my Magical Living Daily Planner, I wrote “During T’s visit time feels expansive and moves slowly.”

He’d been home for three days and that had been exactly the case.

Time seemed to have slowed down…

and each day was full and joyous, with lots of time to play.

Late in the afternoon of the fourth day during his visit, we lit the big bonfire that’d been building over the previous year.

We anchored Adirondack chairs down in the snow and shared stories around the crackle of the fire.

My cheeks felt flushed and warm, and my Mama heart was alight.

The fire made us all sleepy and ready for an early bedtime.

I remember carrying the bag of snacks through the back kitchen door and glancing at the clock hanging above the stove.

I couldn’t believe how early it still was. There was still so much time left in the day!

My son, daughter, dog, Georgie Girl and I all collapsed, four abreast on our king-sized bed.

Hubby, with no room left on the bed, settled for a nearby chair.

Later that night, after the kids had headed off to their rooms and Georgie to the floor, we were tucking ourselves in and hubby said,“Looking at you on the bed with the kids, I could practically hear your heart singing.”

The following days carried on in that same slow, carefree way.

Yet, somewhere along the way as time seemed to be moving so slowly…

I discovered Magic had been at work!

Remember that clock above the stove?

Well it turns out, at some point in the midst of our play, the clock had slowed down and was 45 minutes slower than usual!

That clock is my daily time-keeper.

I can’t tell you the number of times a day I glance at that way and note the time accordingly.

So for the early days of my son’s visit, I was under the spell of that slow moving clock.

Yet, upon discovering the time discrepancy, you would think I’d have replaced the battery and moved the hands to the correct time, right?


Instead, I left the clock just as it was.

And time continued to move in that slow, magical way for the rest of his visit.

The day after my son flew out, I placed a new battery on the kitchen counter, but there it sat for several days.

There were plenty of other clocks in the house that kept the correct time.

I chose, instead…

to stay in the magic of that luxurious, slower moving time.

a woman standing in front of a clock intending that time slows down

Photo thanks to Hannah Busing on Unsplash

Are you ready to learn how to slow down time?

For the next five days, take out the Magical Living Daily Planner and set an intention for the day.

“I am so happy and grateful that time is moving so slowly and feels so expansive…” 

Or whatever works for you in your own words!

Then just notice. 

And be open to all the Magic that may be at work in your life!

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