Overcoming the Challenge of Change

woman with head out care window driving down smooth road after changes

It’s inevitable. As we move through life we encounter change. Yet there is a simple key to overcoming the challenge of change and not becoming resistant and falling victim to the changes.

A Story to Illustrate

Recently I was sitting in traffic in a spot where the roads have been under construction, aka in the midst of change!

A man in a bright orange vest held up a stop sign. I let out a long slow breath. With no other way around, it was going to be a while.

“What a mess,” I thought, watching the dump trucks drive along the shoulder kicking up stones and dirt.

​Then for a brief moment, I saw a glimpse of the road after all these changes were complete.

Traffic was flowing. Relaxed drivers no longer clenched their steering wheels. Everything was moving smoothly.

“What a perfect metaphor for life,” I thought.​

Sometimes life can be so messy.

Especially when we don’t feel equipped to overcome the challenges that arise with change.

When we’re going through times of change and life feels like a construction zone, frustration, anger, and fear can make it hard to imagine smooth roads in the future.

Of course we look for other ways around, but often the only way to the other side is to keep moving forward, one step at a time.

That’s our work.

Living life, encountering change and pushing forward.

The Key to Overcoming the Challenge of Change

One of the best ways you can help yourself during these times is by holding the vision of life on the other side of the struggle.

Just like I did in the midst of that road construction (and when I had a premature baby).

Forward progress is hard work and requires a lot of time, energy and sometimes it creates a big mess.

But as we’ve seen in the past, continuing to strive forward will eventually lead to clear, smooth, open roads.

Until the next season of change and challenge comes along…

and yet, I believe it’s there, in the midst of change and challenge where we find our greatest strengths and learn and grow.


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