Thought You Might Like… (apple peeler)

Ok, here I go again… shouting from the roof tops about another somethin’ I thought you might like...

Remember when I thought I wanted to be a farmer?  Well, still no chickens or cows in our backyard, but I did buy this handy fruit-picker, and we’ve been pulling apples down from the tree in our own yard!


(Love this, but it’s not what I’m all excited to tell you about!)


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Yet all that apple picking fun, leads to a whole lot of apples, which means lots of peeling and slicing, which isn’t much fun at all.

Until I found a solution to our apple surplus!

A couple of weeks ago, we stopped at a local orchard for carmel apples and a trip through the corn maze. I stayed behind, because, true confession, corn mazes creep me out.  I think it has something to do with the movie  Children of the Corn which I watched way too many times as a teenager!

So while Lee and the kids navigated their way through the corn maze, I was left to browse around the farm stand.

And there between the bags of apples, checkered napkins and dried herb wreathes, I found this:


It doesn’t look like much, but this little gadget is FUN! 

It peels the apples in one long continuous peel and also slices it into a perfect ring.




The kids love it and have eaten more apples then I’d ever imagine!

I paid $22 for mine at the farm stand, and found it online for even less!

Unfortunately, it appears our apple-picking season has come to a sudden end, as we and our apples are now buried beneath two feet of snow!


Andie with her ‘snow ghost’

Hopefully, you still have apples to pick where ever you are!!

By the way, if you’ve been wondering about my Bubblah order…


…it arrived within one week and was just like the one I had ordered from QVC years before.

Now we have one in our master bedroom and my husband no longer sticks his head under the faucet to drink!