How to Start Your Day with Positive Attitude

Do you want to know how start your day with positive attitude?

It may not be as difficult as you think!

Only a few simple and easy changes may be all it takes!

Because how you show up matters, right?

a woman waking up with positive attitude

photo thanks to bruce mars of unsplash

Where to Start Your Day with Positive Attitude

First of all, have you thought much about how you begin each day?

The tone of day you’re setting by the way you begin?

Ready to bring in a bit of awareness?

So, let’s begin with a quick question – What’s the very first thing you do in the morning?

Do you reach over, grab your phone and see what text messages and emails arrived over night?

Or flip on the tv and start your day with a dose of morning news?

Jump out of bed and go from 0-60 to start the daily race of taking care of everyone else? Breakfasts, lunches, laundry, carpool, kitty litter…

Please don’t judge yourself. This is simply an invitation to begin noticing.

As you notice, ask yourself what is working and what is not.

Are you interested in making any changes?

A Real-World Example

One of my Transformational Life Coaching Clients shared a change she made to her morning routine to start her day with a more positive attitude.

She recognized that she had fallen into the habit of waking each day and immediately grabbing her phone, followed by turning on the tv and dousing herself with the morning news.

And then she reported feeling anxious and irritable throughout the day and agreed that a change in the way she began each day was worth examining.

Looking to create new habits that set a more positive tone for the day, she began waking a little earlier and beginning each day with a quiet meditation.

She reported that this small shift totally changed how she felt throughout the rest of her day.

More calm, centered and peaceful. More focused, productive and able to go with the flow.

And here’s the ever so beautiful part that caused my heart to sing with joy…

…she noticed her pre-teen daughter, who was waking up crabby and out of sorts nearly every day, began listening to the meditations with her.

“It has completely changed the tone of our mornings!” she said. “My daughter seems so much happier and centered each day.”

How gorgeous is that?

I believe in creating simple, realistic habits that will stick.

My morning routine is this: Upon waking, even before I’ve opened my eyes, I offer up a little mantra/prayer.

Then, when I place my feet on the floor, I reach for the glass of water I poured the night before.

Once teeth are brushed, I fill out my daily planner (you can get that here is you don’t already have it).

After that I pick up my book and continue my morning with a little reading.

I follow this simple routine which can take anywhere from just a few minutes to as long as I like, depending on the day ahead.

My phone is plugged in outside of the bedroom, and I’ll look at that screen on my time and my terms; once I feel more awake and ready to let the outside world in.

If it feels like you’re off to the races as soon as your feet hit the floor, set an alarm and get up a half hour earlier and give yourself that extra time.

Remember, you get to choose how you begin each and every day.

Can’t resist looking at your phone first thing, put it in a different room and turn off the notifications. Start small. Go for ten minutes after you wake up without looking. Even five, if ten feels too much.

Do you find yourself longing for the background noise of the tv or radio news? Switch it up and try an inspirational podcast or a bit of classical music for a change.

This is simply an invitation to notice your habitual behaviors and decide whether those habits are serving you.

And if not, make a shift.

You’ll be amazed to find how simple changes can have profound effects on your life.

Finally, I treasure your feedback! Email me at or leave a message on my Facebook Page! 

Please keep me posted on any progress, shifts or areas of struggles you’re encountering.