Stop Negative Self-Talk

Do you want to know how to stop negative self-talk?

The key is Awareness!

And here is my story to prove it!

I Hear Voices

photo thanks to anna shvets

Do you ever hear voices talking to you?

I do.

And when they talk to me, I listen up.

Because most often, they have an important message to deliver.

It was many years ago now, I was on the tennis court, when I heard a voice so clearly I stopped in my tracks.

It was my usual Friday tennis aerobics class, and I was taking turns hitting with all the other women in the class.

As the other women hit their shots, I’d offer up compliments and words of encouragement.

Amazing forehand, I’d say.

Gorgeous overhead.

You move so beautifully!

When the ball came to me, I’d focus, swing and hit…

and most of the time I’d mutter words like…

Come on.

That’s terrible.

Ugh. What’s wrong with you?

Until the day I heard a voice.

A small, little-girl voice from deep down inside me.

“Why are you so nice to everyone else, and so mean to me?” she asked.

And like I already said, I stopped in my tracks.

Time to stop the negative self-talk

an old fashioned tennis raquet

I had no idea I was speaking that way to myself!

No idea until that moment all those years ago when that little girl inside me finally spoke up.

And once I became aware of this negative self-talk habit, there was no becoming unaware.

I’d catch myself saying things, in my head or under my breath, like, Ugh, I’m so stupid. Then I’d pause, remember that moment on the tennis court, cancel those words and start anew.

The simple key was Awareness.

You’ll get it. No worries. You got this. I’d say to myself instead.

As I integrated this new habit of positive self-speak, I learned the incredible importance of talking to myself with words of love and kindness.

And soon came to see that speaking to myself in a loving and kind way is truly the greatest form of self-care I can offer myself!

Now it’s your turn.

Do you speak to yourself in ways you never would to a good friend or a young child?

No judgement. Just notice. Bring in Awareness.

Then decide if this is an area in your life where you’d like to make a change.

I’d love to hear!

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