The Importance of Smiling

I believe the importance of smiling has never been greater than with all that’s happening in the world.

I’m tired of bad news. Everyone in my life feels the same way. What about you?

How about today we take a break from all that with a story?

A Story to Illustrate the Importance of Smiling

As a young teacher at a small, independent day school outside of Boston, I had to deliver a Wednesday morning assembly talk to the entire school.

Once a year, every faculty member was required to do so, and I, like many, dreaded this part of the job requirement.

Given the nature of the school and its curriculum, teachers often talked about morals and virtues; making the right choices even when it was hard to do so.

On the day of my allotted time, I stood up in front of the school after the hymns had been sung and talked about the contagious nature of smiling.

Behind me, I could feel the headmaster shift in his seat when I held up my homemade poster board – a drawing of a young girl with a missing tooth flashing a big smile.

I talked about brain chemistry and smiling and asked the entire school, headmaster included, to smile for ten seconds and see if it changed the way they felt.

One, two, three… by the time I got to five the auditorium was erupting in laughter, and I heard the headmaster clear his throat.

Six-seven-eight-nine-ten, I quickly called out.

“Okay, okay,” I said. “How good does that feel?”

Looking out into a sea of smiling faces – all the grades, all the stuffy, old teachers – I saw they were all smiling.

As I gathered up my papers, I dared to glance back over my shoulder and there was the headmaster, sitting in the same straight back wooden chair he’d been sitting in for 35 years of Wednesday morning assemblies, with quite a smile on his face.

Well, quite a smile for him!

Me, I couldn’t stop.

Nor could the school.

The energy in the school, from the classrooms, hallways, gymnasium and cafeteria, was vibrant and alive and so was I.

a dog smiling

Now it’s Your Turn to Give it a Try

Smile, even if you’re not feeling like doing so, and count to ten.

Then just notice how you feel!

​Our smiles. So simple. So powerful. So contagious. Please put yours to use today!

So, what has YOU smiling lately? Come on, there must be something! Please share!!! We need more smiles in the world right now!!!

Well I’d be so grateful to hear back from you about anything, big or small that’s making you smile these days!

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