How to Shift Your Mindset

Are you ready to shift your mindset and inspire others to do the same?

In a recent session with one of my Transformational Life Coaching Clients, the subject of family get-togethers came up.

She began talking about her family and offhandedly made the comment “Yeah, whenever my whole family gets together, it’s a total shit show.“

All my coaching clients know I’m a stickler about the language we choose to use.

I smiled at her and asked her to stop and think about what she’d just said; to take a moment and bring awareness to that language she’d spoken.

She smiled back at me and tilted her head to one side.

I pointed out that when she made that statement about her family get-togethers, she spoke it as if it was The Truth, and how when we speak The Truth or what we believe to be The Truth, we work really hard to prove ourselves right.

Her eyes got bigger, and I saw the lightbulb go off.

“Are you open to a new and different possibility this year?” I asked.

With a nodding head, she began to rephrase her statement.

Slowly and gently, we bounced words back-and-forth until a huge smile spread across her face, and she knew she had it.

“In the past, family get-togethers have been tough, but I’m open to the possibility that this get-together will be fun, joyous, and relaxing.“

Then she let out a big exhale.

We agreed to drop the first half of the statement, so she was left with these simple words…

“I am open to the possibility that my family get-together will be fun, joyous, and relaxing.“

We discussed further action steps she could take to ensure that she moved toward the event in a more deliberate and intentional way and brought in the golden rule – We can’t control how others show up and behave, but we can control how we choose to respond.

shift your mindset for a happy family gathering

photo thanks to tyler nix

“Remember,” I said to her, “The Universe is always listening. So let’s only say what we really want to be true.”

So, what about you?

Are there Truths you’re unconsciously telling yourself?

Think of this as an invitation… an invitation to shift your perspective, and open up to the possibility of recreating your Truth!

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